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​Penthouse with Loft CB.Arch Design Solutions Commercial Spaces Beige
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​Penthouse with Loft CB.Arch Design Solutions Commercial Spaces Beige
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​Penthouse with Loft CB.Arch Design Solutions Commercial Spaces Beige

Project Name: 2-Storey with Roof Deck Mixed-Use Building (Commercial-Residential)

Project Location: McArthur Highway, Marilao, Bulacan.

This is retirement business investment of our clients based abroad. Schematics proposal and approval were done a week before they leave.

The structure is an example of clean-modern design with great combination of earth-colored stone cladding and modern use of horizontal steel louvers, that does not only gives a conducive office & commercial environment for business but also a warm feeling of a home.

Having only 104sqm lot area and an irregular shape lot (decreasing its width on the rear part), our team planned and designed the structure well maximizing the limited lot area and integrating all the required spaces. Total floor Area is 300 sqm.

Located at the ground floor is a spacious one-unit commercial space with loft. The 5 meter ground floor to second floor height made enough clearance for a loft which made the floor area a lot bigger by adding half of the orginal floor area of the ground floor.

Two 25 sqm. Office/commercial spaces are located on the second floor provided with common toilet. The 25 sqm. floor area is good for small office space and for a start up business.

The Roof Deck was originally planned to be a multi-purpose open deck, but the owners decided to put up a pent house with loft. The pent house, will not only use as their home but they are also planning it to be part of AirBnB, which is not a problem, because the pent house was very well-planned and designed. It has a spacious bathroom, with double vanities, water closet and shower have their own glass enclosures. Bedroom is at the mezzanine, where you can directly see the living area. Dining and Kitchen are in out door setting, to enjoy the climate and height of the building.

We are design and construction partners of business owners who plan to expand their assets, and future businessmen who wants to explore the freedom from corporate world.

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Colour: Beige
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