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by Just Interior Design
by Just Interior Design
by Just Interior Design

This was an exciting project with a very short deadline—4 days—but we worked our magic and made it happen.

A students digs is the home away from home and a start of a new chapter. With this in mind we wanted to decorate the space to match the students personality but also ensure that the room was functional to serve it's purpose.

All the major pieces were selected in a neutral white so that they age well and therefore be used in the years to come. A comfortable bed and sufficient space to study was at the top of the priority list so that is where we started with this design.

The student's bubbly personality dictated the rest of the decor from the bohemian styled round throw to the dreamcatchers on the wall. In the end it is always the smaller, more personal items which brings a room together to truly make it the home away from home.

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