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sheetal chaya Modern living room by manoj bhandari architects Modern
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sheetal chaya Modern living room by manoj bhandari architects Modern
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sheetal chaya Modern living room by manoj bhandari architects Modern

A semi
transparent furniture system’ is how Nasik based architect Manoj Bhandari defines his interior design of this residence. To create a ‘Bigger home ‘ on a small semi detached plot 0f 215 sq.m, one needs to define barriers without creating them.

A vastu based plan with modest budgets is a planning pivot and semi transparency, naturally lit warm individualized spaces, ,serenity and clean simple lines revolves around.

Exterior is simple composition of interlocking black and white masses. Clients liking for sloping roof is used for advantage and added with modern elements like rustic black tile cladding, grey glazing, glass railings and a dark red pipe barsati to create a contemporary looking structure.

It was decided to keep interiors clean, white and minimal, yet the little vibrancy is added thro bright yellow relaxing chairs, green plants, frosted glass elements back lit blue and red and blues of waterbody. The clients lifestyle do not permit completely open planning, hence a semi transparent way of designing a furniture is adopted. The living room is separated from a ladies seating by a floating TV unit which also symbolizes ‘Indian jail’ in its modern form. This same unit turns into a seating credenza from the other side. A pooja room crated in the same space with low height white duco painted partitions with similar play of solids and voids. This room in turn opens out to a water body behind. A effort is take to match the water level with the platform on which deities are kept. other living room furniture and vases are again kept white and shades of grays.

The highlight of the whole space is large customized dining table which projects itself into a backyard. A large Brasilia plant rises thro’ a void in this table which gives a feel of ‘Eating under the tree ‘

A long court wall which completely rejects exterior view creates a inward looking, serene space. The same flooring material is used on floors and walls of court which makes it seamless with all other spaces and makes it look more simplified in terms of materials. The elements which makes this large space ‘ Live ‘ is constantly revolving, moving copper balls and sound of a water dropping into lily pond. Another open to sky landscaped green court in the ‘Brmhasthan’ of this house binds all the spaces together and fills the home with natural light.

The same low height storage unit separated kitchen and dining. Same vitrified tiles on floors and walls of kitchen make it a part of the this unified house. Grays, whites and basic furniture of the kitchen is in continuations of undertone of the whole space. Parents Bedroom on ground floor is warm space with wooden flooring and furniture designed in warm earthy walnut combined with frosted glass as a hint of modern element.

Stair to upper floors is intelligently designed. The first step is a wooden platform which in turn doubles into a seating in entrance lobby. The second step is backlit frosted glass cube which takes care of illuminating steps around and also adds a vibrancy to space with its diffused red glow. Other steps are in uneven ,bold rustic looking granite which leads to first floor. The Glass bridge with frosted floral patterns and blue LED lighting creates a ‘Drama ‘when one arrives there .This bridge take one to younger brothers bedroom. This frosted glass bridge does a trick and glows due to natural light in the day and Led lighting in evening and is seen as a large light fixture throughout the day and night and from both ground floor as well as first floor .

The younger brother’s bedroom is modern with its grey and black slanting masses. A floating white bed looks carved in entire tilted composition of head rest and ceiling above. A lacquered glass finished storage/tv unit adds the required glare to otherwise stark white and grey composition. Naturally lit nitch above backrest and white custom designed seating’s adds further. Two separate looking grey and white volumes are created in this room which are separated by a light box. The attaché toilet and walk in wardrobe are designed with inbuilt stone cupboards, rustic grey and metallic grey tiles as a continuation of theme.

The lounge on first floor opens on to a terrace in front and is lit and connected to ground floor thro a court. A study and bed for two if intelligently designed in the same lobby and defined by a low height storage unit and engraved glass panel.

The elder brothers bedroom is based on simple lines. A rose wood vaneer combined with orange lacquered glass and metallic purple brown leather gives it a real contemporary look. The high light of this room is it’s unusual headrest which actually is a fully cushioned study ‘NOOK’ . Children do seat in this cozy space and enjoy studying.

Guest room next to lobby is a small room where wooden ceiling and bed below are unified to create “A volume within the Volume‘ feel. One volume is separated by lighting cove in the ceiling. The patterned mirror shutters to wardrobe further enhances the size of the small room.

The whole floating concept is so successful that visitors ofter gets wrong about size of the plot on which the home is built. This is a perfect example of spacious home warm and in sync with aspirations of a client without using expensive materials and artworks. It’s a simple co-ordinations of lines, proportions , natural light and efforts’ says Manoj Bhandari.

Credits: photo-Kunal Rahod
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