Minimalist bedroom by 禾光室內裝修設計 ─ her guang design minimalist | homify
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Minimalist bedroom by 禾光室內裝修設計 ─ Her Guang Design Minimalist
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Minimalist bedroom by 禾光室內裝修設計 ─ Her Guang Design Minimalist
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Minimalist bedroom by 禾光室內裝修設計 ─ Her Guang Design Minimalist

回,走向原來的地方… … … … 家。

Back to the original place… home


The original semi-detached building had a vertical circulation right in the middle of the space. After combination, the two segments that had few connections to the outside now become a comfortable space with a higher level of interaction with the environment. In the inspiration of the character “回,” the service functions of the building are set in the inner rectangle due to the location of staircase and lift and human activities are centralized in the external rectangle, forming the imagery of “回.”


The design is triggered by the rotation shape of the ancient Chinese character “Back” (a figure with one rectangle encloses another) and its meaning: “The outside Earth is in left rotation while the inside Sun, Moon and Five Planets are in right rotation.” Compared as the Earth, the building and environment capture the rotated memories created by people, life and time. The rectangle-shaped circulation perfectly separates space functions and introduces light and air, bringing soul to the space.


The colors of black and white are used to develop the spatial planning. White is the external rectangle of the “回;” it extends the space from the walls of living room walls, guest bathrooms to the inside rooms with the hidden design. Moreover, the natural light is utilized to combine the white color and the glossy materials, which not only breaks the boundaries of space but also amplifies the external rectangle of the “回” (the black part).


Black is the inner rectangle of the “回”—the main functional
areas of the public space. It starts with the main walls of the living room with different materials, extends to the maid’s room and storage room hidden in the corridor, and ultimately stretches to multi-functional storage cabinets of the piano room. Visually, black color can push the space forward. With a narrowed inner part and an amplified external part, the space is broadening along the extending black and white lines.


The character “回” is used to plan the
circulation of the space, subtly utilizing various black and white building materials to create a tri-dimensional space. The glossy materials keep the greenery in the house through reflections, and the natural light is introduced into indoor space with the concept of rotation, giving a visual extension of internal and external integration and making the character “回” rotate ceaselessly as an organic body.

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