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Flynn Architect Modern kitchen
Flynn Architect Modern kitchen
Flynn Architect Modern kitchen

On a quiet street in Old Ottawa South, this 350sm family home blends in with the neighbourhood and is designed to entertain, welcome neighbours and encourage front yard living.

The main face of the home addresses the street with strong and direct language which is, nonetheless consistent with the neighbourhood. The home steps back across the front face respecting the massive maple and in doing so, creates a courtyard enclosing a front porch and offering some privacy to the interior spaces.

The ground floor is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of daily living. The plan strikes a balance between expansive spaces designed for entertaining and the realities of family life. In the event that the house is not suitable for entertaining, a small lounge accommodates guests while moving partitions help the owners react to change making the floor plan suit their needs. Furthermore, hidden cabinets and storage lockers, recycling and drop zones, dedicated charging areas and an oversized mudroom have been designed specifically to the owner’s requirements.

In many cases, urban projects struggle with solutions for rooms above the garage. Often, designs are forced to three storeys or two storeys with unnecessarily high garage ceilings. Since in our case, a three storey front façade was not consistent with the neighbourhood, the solution was to locate a private office and a piano/music room directly above the garage. This solved the challenge while enhancing the already impressive entry and utilizing the additional height gained to create dramatic 3m foot high office and piano room ceilings.

Although designed as a showpiece and larger than most homes in the area, the quiet modern approach, careful expression of materials and respect for the site combine together to create a home well suited for the neighbourhood.

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