Switch apartment modern study/office by yuko shibata architects modern | homify

This is the interior design of a single home office.

This room was previously used as a residential space. It was the owner’s intent that the floor plan could be changed to completely separate the living and office sections. This request was rendered impossible, due to the original structure being of box frame type reinforced concrete construction, with almost all walls acting as supporting building frames. The addition of two bookshelves, each with a large door, allowed us to create a space with the ability to adapt from home to office or from office to home, while leaving the original floor plan intact. The first bookshelf was added to the meeting room. By moving the large door, the meeting space can be divided in two. The space on the side of the bookshelf becomes a library. The large door also includes an opening in order to allow it to pass over the dining table dining. In this way, the table is shared between the library and meeting spaces. The second addition was in the bedroom. The opening in the bookshelf creates a passage making it possible to approach the shelf from the office, without passing through the bedroom. When the door is opened, it creates a partition between the bedroom and study, and also has the effect of changing the space to a library. When a person's office is separate from their home, there will always be some kind of door between the two points. To me, the opening of the door is very symbolic—like a switch where we change modes from working to at home. In this case, where the office and the living area share the same space, it was important for me to include some form of switch, which transforms the environment. In both spaces, the switch took the form of a large door.

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