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Located in the heart of Delhi, Mirza is a cozy Awadhi cuisine restaurant. The space gives a very subtle throwback to traditional Indian era, while keeping it modernized with neat, straight lined elements.

The entrance has an interesting wooden framework partition with motif pattern frosted on glass, keeping it light and spacious. The space has a very simple, de-cluttered look to it, yet drawing attention through its interesting use of elements and textures.

The floor is done up in motif patterned tiles, giving it an interesting traditional touch, while breaking the central open space with plain, warm-toned textured tiles. There is ample natural lighting through the vast windows that look out into lush green trees. High back chairs with kalamkari printed fabric against the window breaks the continuity in the seating arrangement, and adds to a calming and uplifting environment for long conversations. Wooden carved pillars seated on carved stone base add greatly to the character of the place, taking it back to ancient era.

The long wall is clad in interesting stone-textured tiles, giving it a flaky look. Niches break this cladding, with a saffron splash in paint, continuing into the ceiling as well. Minimalistic metal pendant lamps hanging from these niches give it a very soothing effect. The central area ceiling has been done up in wooden rafters that throw light onto the textured painted roof.

The furniture is mostly upcycled and sourced locally, with raw cotton fabric upholstered seating and cushions. The wooden chairs with cane backrest give it a charming vintage look.

The bar sits in a corner, with the front in laser cut jali panels over a backdrop of textured copper sheets, adding a rich yet modern touch to the traditional Indian theme.

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