Dongdaemun Design Plaza , Zaha Hadid Architects Zaha Hadid Architects Commercial spaces Conference Centres
Dongdaemun Design Plaza , Zaha Hadid Architects Zaha Hadid Architects Commercial spaces Conference Centres

 The DDP has been designed as a cultural hub at the centre of one of the busiest and most historic districts of the city. It is a place for people of all ages; a catalyst for the instigation and exchange of ideas and a place for new technologies and media to be explored—presenting an ever- changing menu of exhibitions and events that feeds the cultural vitality of the city. 

The DDP is an architectural landscape that revolves around the ancient city wall and newly discovered cultural artefacts which form the central element of the composition linking the park and plaza together. The fluid design encourages the greatest degree of interaction between the park and the people of Seoul.  The new DDP park is a place for leisure, relaxation and refuge—a green oasis within the busy urban surroundings of Dongdaemun. The design integrates the park and plaza seamlessly as one, blurring the boundary between architecture and nature in a continuous, fluid landscape that connects the city, park and architecture together. Voids and inflections in the park’s surface give visitors glimpses into the innovative world of design below, making the DDP an important link between the city’s contemporary culture, emerging nature and history. The DDP design is the very specific result of how the context, local culture, programmatic requirements and innovative engineering come together—allowing the architecture, city and landscape to seamlessly combine in both form and spatial experience.

The park is accessible to everyone, with folds and inflections in its surface that welcome and direct visitors through different levels of the interior. The design blurs the boundaries between architecture and urban landscape, solid and void, interior and exterior. It is an architectural landscape where concepts of spatial flow are made real – creating a whole new kind of civic space for the city. 
The 86,574 square meter DDP comprises a design museum, library and educational facilities, whilst the 30,000 square meter park reinterprets the celebrated spatial concepts of traditional Korean garden design: layering, horizontality, blurring relationship between the interior and the exterior – with no single feature dominating the perspective. This approach is further informed by historic local painting traditions that depicting grand visions of the ever-changing aspects of nature.   We congratulate the client’s vision. The DDP design and construction sets many new high standards. DDP is the first public project in Korea to implement advanced 3-dimensional digital construction services that ensure the highest quality and cost controls. These include 3-dimensional Building Information Modelling (BIM) for construction management and engineering coordination, enabling the design process to adapt with the evolving client brief and integrate engineering requirements. These innovations have empowered the team building DDP to control the construction with much greater precision than conventional processes and improve efficiencies. These construction technologies make DDP one of Korea’s most innovative and technological advanced constructions and my gratitude to the city of Seoul is very deep.   DDP engages the community in a collective dialogue where many contributions and innovations feed into each other, allowing talents and ideas to flourish. In combination with the city’s exciting public cultural programs, DDP is an important investment in the education and inspiration of future generations; further developing Korea as a center of innovation.


Zaha Hadid Architects 


Zaha Hadid 

Patrik Schumacher 

Project Leader:

Eddie Can Chiu-Fai 

Project Manager:

Craig Kiner             

Charles Walker 

Project Team:

Kaloyan Erevinov 

Martin Self 

Hooman Talebi 

Carlos S. Martinez 

Camiel Weijenberg 

Florian Goscheff 

Maaike Hawinkels 

Aditya Chandra 

Andy Chang 

Arianna Russo

Ayat Fadaifard 

Josias Hamid 

Shuojiong Zhang 

Natalie Koerner 

Jae Yoon Lee


John Klein

Chikara Inamura

Alan Lu

Competition Team: 

Kaloyan Erevinov 

Paloma Gormley 

Hee Seung Lee 

Kelly Lee 

Andres Madrid 

Deniz Manisali 

Kevin McClellan 

Claus Voigtmann 

Maurits Fennis


Structural Engineer: 


Services Engineer: 


Lighting Consultant:  


Acoustics Consultant: 


Landscape Architect: 

Gross Max Facade 

Consultant Group: 


Geometry Consultant: 


Quantity Surveyor: 

Davis Langdon & Everest

Local Architects: 

Samoo Architects 

Local Consultants: 


Postech Mechanical

Samoo Mechanical Consulting (SMC) 

Electrical and Telecom:

Samoo TEC 




Saegil Engineering & Consulting 


Dong Sim Won 


Korean Fire Protection

Credits: Virgile Simon Bertrand
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