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The Minaret House Eclectic style houses by Chaukor Studio Eclectic
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The Minaret House Eclectic style houses by Chaukor Studio Eclectic
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The Minaret House Eclectic style houses by Chaukor Studio Eclectic

Through our projects, we have been trying to revisit the bare building techniques of the Indian subcontinent.

We have been trying for long to study our rich vernacular genius and embed the age-old techniques used therein, into our contemporary built structures. So, after successfully venturing into 'The Vault House', we have come up with our new project—'The Minaret House'.

Since the client himself has his roots from the royal land of Rajputana, The Minaret House encapsulates the rich traditional heritage of Rajasthani Architecture.

Design Language

The built-mass and the volumetrics of the villa are designed with the proportions to that of the traditional Rajasthani buildings re-creating the experience of a haveli with an integration of modern amenities. The interior space has been given a totally different language to match the modern needs and requirements of the owner.

Vernacular Architectural Technologies

Various passive technologies used in desert architecture are also incorporated in the house to reduce the energy consumption and to provide comfort, the Wind Tower being one such exquisite feature.

Wind Tower is a traditional architectural element. The function of this tower is to catch cooler breeze that prevails at a higher level above the ground and to direct it into the interior of the building. The design utilizes this traditional technique with an aim to create a climatically sound building. The habitable spaces of the house are planned around the wind tower to receive the directed cool breeze. In contrast to modern buildings, the window openings, in general, have been kept smaller and shaded to reduce the heat gains.

The Golf-Course View

Bedrooms, dining space and all living areas are planned towards the rear side with a view towards the golf course. Large window openings are provided at the rear that let the cool wind inside without much heat gain.

Green Terraces

The residence incorporates green terraces at multiple levels. This reduces the heat gain of the interior spaces and adds to the experience of the residents.

We hope that The Minaret House provides an enchanting experience to the owner—a re-living into the past!

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