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K Pavilion Modern hotels by Saka Studio Modern
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K Pavilion Modern hotels by Saka Studio Modern
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K Pavilion Modern hotels by Saka Studio Modern

Category: M 

Programme: Residence

Location: Gurgaon

Site Area:  686 sqm

Built-Up Area:  652 sqm

Month/Year of Commencement-Completion of Project:  October 2013



This project is a garden pavilion with a timeless appeal. It exemplifies a strategy of under-building to allow the landscape to remain the focus of the home. The use of a controlled palette of brick, wood and teakstone creates a poetic indoor-outdoor space that blurs the boundaries between built and open and focuses on the power of simplicity.


This pavilion is located on an 800 square yard plot within an area of residential plots in Gurgaon, as an addition to an existing home. Its siting as a corner plot allows an expansion of the garden into the surrounding trees that line the plot boundaries.


Since this pavilion was an extension to their existing home, the focus was to build a spacious deck that would allow them to entertain and enjoy their expanded garden. It also needed to house additional functional requirements that could not be accommodated in the main house such as two private studies, a powder room for garden parties, a home gym, a recreational room, a large store and an outdoor sports area. From an aesthetic standpoint, the key focus was to create a quiet, timeless space that seamlessly merged with the existing home.


The focus of the design was the garden-deck relationship and is expressed as a single roof: a pavilion that binds the garden and existing  home in a composition that connects all elements in a seamless whole. The rear half of the plot was sunk to create a lower ground floor for sports activities and more private functional requirements.

The upper deck has an outdoor lounge space framed between the private studies that overlooks the garden and is edged by delicate paired wooden fin columns that mediate the boundary of garden and deck.

Connecting the public and private zones is a stunning teakstone staircase that features cantilevered steps, a subtly patterned teakstone wall and an upcycled screen that integrates recycled windows, reclaimed cast- iron balusters and laser-cut screens. This animates the space with shifting patterns throughout the day.

A wooden pergola and stepping stones inset in gravel connect the upper deck to the staircase and rear garden.

The thermo-ashwood clad roof is a powerful unifier, connecting all the requirements under one timeless form. A stone statue of Balinese origin , a traditional Kerala boat and frangipani trees become focal points of the garden, creating a landscape that is a sensory delight.

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