Information center of the romanesque modern offices & stores by spaceworkers® modern | homify

Preserve the identity of the site and the characteristics of the building in question gave us the motto for intervention.

The proposed space appears as a house inside a house. A massive volume landed into the existing space replicating the geometry of the shape.

To this volume is subtracted the central area resulting in a kind of square, a point of reunion, separating the different functions of the space. The largest of the two volumes houses an informal auditorium, while the second contains an information desk with a storeroom and toilet tucked behind.

Code: 12CIRP


Year: 2012

Size: 100m2

Address: Paredes

Client: Rota do Românico

Author: spaceworkers®


principal architects:

henrique marques | architect

rui dinis | architect

architects: rui rodrigues | architect

sérgio rocha | architect

rui miguel | architect

finance director: carla duarte—cfo

engineer: simetria vertical, Lda

photography: FG+SG

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