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This private residence is a

weekend home built in a one-acre plot near Pune for a businessman. The major compulsion was to plant 450 trees on the land and create a home for three generations of the family.

Since it is a sloping land, the topography was used to an advantage. Following the creed of ‘Less is more’, different levels have been created for the different areas in the house. From the road that runs along the upper periphery, one can only see the roof and this helps maintain privacy for the family. The general planning of house is done in such a way that spectacular view of khadakwasla backwaters is hidden till you enter the lobby. The open plan of the house allows plenty of spaces that are visually connected to each other. Keeping in mind the ages of the different generations who would occupy the home, the mother’s room has been created at the lowest level with the master bedroom on top and the kids have been given their own area a little away from the adult eyes, beyond the pool.

Colour: White
Material: Concrete
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