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arctitudesign Minimalist living room
arctitudesign Minimalist living room
arctitudesign Minimalist living room

ARCTITUDESIGN have completed the design for a 148 square meter apartment nestled on a Westernmost hill—Mount Davis, Hong Kong. Design concept was inspired by its extraordinary and unique location, surrounded by greenery hill with an excellent sunset viewing.

ARCTITUDESIGN is a multi-disciplinary practice with extensive experience interior design that brings together the skills of contemporary architectural design, environmental friendly, adaptive re-use, and strategic planning. We encourage that quality items always able to be re-use and adaptively in different environment.

With a design brief to minimize clutter and maximize space, this Northern Europe’s greenery hill lodge apartment also pays tribute to the Contemporary design. The main attributes: simple and peaceful are characterized by clearly spatial arrangement, elegance, comfort and functionality.


Structural walls and beams are common would appear to constrain the flexibilities of most apartment in Hong Kong. However, by transform constraints into opportunities, Alexander re-arranges the volume by using minimize variation of materials, well calculate on space &colour proportion, changing ceiling height, and share unity floor finish across all spaces.

Skillfully dodging structural beams and uneven structural wall and integrates minimal artificial light re-orienting the apartment toward exterior. Ingeniously elongating and widening, the ceiling produces variable sensation of compression and expansion to greater the space than it seems.

On entering the apartment, the stylish open kitchen has been designed to blend in with island bench toward nature environment through dining area, provides a stunning first impression. Open kitchen have advantage for parents look after their baby of chat with friends in the living area while they are preparing food. The kitchen equipped with state of the art appliances are discreetly integrated into the entire kitchen design, doubles up as a bar that serves both living and dining areas.

All living functions are well contained and defined yet without boundaries on an open planning. The integration of space is the key feature of the interior architecture.

The living quarter spans the master bedroom and is full of natural light.

The master bedroom has generous dimensions to cater for a contemporary living style.

The bedrooms, walk-in closet and shower room were developed in the similar style as the rest of the apartment, yet look more cozy and intimate.

The operable bi-fold glazed doors not only maintains living area as an extension of the outdoors, but also allows natural light and fresh air cross ventilation to cool the space efficiently and naturally without mechanical intervention or air conditioning. 

Colour & Materials

To provided heavy duty touch latch system which can maximum door leaf with unified material on all cabinet doors to absorb storage, AV systems and home office in a invisible space

No colors other than white, grey tone and light-colored reconstructed real timber veneer are chosen for the color scheme to replicate the subtle warm glow in the lodge, including well designed ceiling light deliver from Belgium that evoke a spacious and dreamy ambience.

Light-colored reconstructed real timber veneer cladding on the hallway cabinet with shades of light-colored solid timber on the floor. Timber finish on interior and exterior flooring surfaces which enhancing the outward thrust of the spatial. All the interiors are consistent in terms of design and the transition between the rooms is done seamlessly. Timber rotates from floors to walls in the transit area; with a color palette composed of white, charcoal, and brown, this space exudes elegance and sober atmosphere. This is probably why timber is also present, softening up the otherwise rigid spaces. 

In master bedroom, we had introduce delicate shades of grey walls matching with upholstered bed headboard which reuse from previous apartment. To maximum the window panel which can “invite“ surrounding green plants become part of the interior element, and allow natural light pervades every corner of the apartment and reacts to the color palette to create a warm interior.


The open plan living and dining area is the core of the apartment. It is here where you will find a very comfortable Italy made sofa, a contemporary solid timber table, huge concealed storage/ home office units and subtle lighting additions, all re-use furniture from previous apartment was designed to measure especially to fit this space.

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