The living room office modern study/office by redbeam studio modern solid wood multicolored | homify

With an open, warm space in mind this office was designed to have a look and feel of a living room…

The furniture concept s are in tones of white and dark grey ,the only dash of colour being the bright vibrant work table that adorns the almost centre of the working zone. Client requirement was a single large work table instead of having multiple work stations . The red table also becomes the focal for the entire office.

Brick cladding on the only continuous wall maintains the connection from the entrance till the end. A small conference is planned with clear glass partitions to give a visual connect in the office and still maintain the overall depth resulting in no barrier spaces.

Interesting levels are created with wooden flooring and the same streak follows on the ceiling above the work zone. With black painted exposed ceiling and hanging lights the illusion of space is shaped.

Back of house services like the pantry, store and rest room are tucked in at the entrance with a visual barrier of hollow steel bars… The overall theme provides a flexible setup that fully reflects the way the team can collaborate, allowing informal congregation and mobility.The design is innovative and contemporary such as the essence of the young entrepreneur.

Colour: Wood effect
Material: Solid Wood
Area: 60 m²
Price: ₹3,000,000
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