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A Stylish Pergola for your Home

A Stylish Pergola for your Home

Find the best ideas & designs to create your pergola. Browse through ideabooks & photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect pergola
Find the best ideas & designs to create your pergola. Browse through ideabooks & photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect pergola

Why pergolas—Best designs on a budget

Pergola is a garden decoration that became popular in Italy during the Renaissance period and was soon adopted by families across Europe. Through the years, the pergola has been adapted for use for varied purposes like a trendy car shade, patio cover, pool shelter etc., depending on the requirement and budget. The pergola is usually made of wood posts that support latticed wooden beams on top upon which vines and creepers are grown to create an aesthetically pleasing structure. Modern pergolas today are made with varied materials besides wood like vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and aluminum.

Here are a few pergola designs that can easily be made without expert assistance:

Shaded walkway

If the home has a long walkway from garage to front door then an artistic pergola can be set up to make the area beautiful and interesting. Set up pillars along the entire paved walk and have wide wooden beams with ornamental designs at the edge to enhance the pergola’s layout and then have decorative vines with lightly scented flowers to cover the region.

Poolside deck pergola

Want to create a pool deck, then why not fix up an inexpensive pergola which will provide shelter from sunlight and also be a trendy way to show green thumb with rose creepers. Treated wood or steel will ensure that the pergola is maintenance free and the only work required along the pergola is sweeping away dead leaves and flowers. The pergola can even be covered with colorful fiber or canvas as shelter if growing vines and creepers is not preferable.

Rose arbor

Pitched pergolas are ideal for setting up rose arbor and as they make a strong foundation for heavy vines and flowers. Set up an open top pitched pergola from the back door to end of the garden and grow creeper rose varieties to form a shady arch and also improve the garden’s environment.

Barbecue bar

If you have an eat-out section in the garden or backyard with outdoor kitchen, a barbecue and a wine fridge then given them a trendy shelter like a pergola instead of a casual canvas awning. For an all- weather pergola make it a covered shelter with fiber roof and hang flower pots or colorful creepers to enhance the atmosphere during outdoor parties with friends and family.

Pergola on the porch

People with long porch that run along the entire border of the house can cover a sizeable portion of it with a pergola to create a trendy sit-out to enjoy few hours of peace and solitude. Sail type pergolas with fiber roofs lend a trendy vibe to these porches as they offer better shelter then open ones and need less vine foliage to cover the entire roof.

Pergola carport

Instead of a dull and boring shed type carport give it a trendy look with a pergola style shelter with aluminum pillars and steel roof for durability. Decorate the pergola with colorful vines or rose creepers for an artistic finish that will have neighbors asking you to design one for them too.

Do you own a pergola? Would you build one again? Let us know any of your tips and tricks on how to build your own pergola in a budget.