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Patios Idea & Designs

Patios Idea & Designs

Find the best ideas & designs to create your patio. Browse through ideabooks & photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect patio.
Find the best ideas & designs to create your patio. Browse through ideabooks & photos to get inspired, or find a professional to help build your perfect patio.

DIY patios designs on a budget

Simple elements like large planters, iron furniture, a large awning and barbecue grille followed by imaginative landscaping in a small clearing in the backyard can create a comfortable outdoor living space that can be proudly called a patio. While there are professionals that can create a beautiful patio with minimal waste of your time and energy, the joy of creating something that can be enjoyed by the whole family is special. Why not try to create a patio as a part of family bonding exercise where everyone contributes in some small way like planting shrubs, laying the gravel, painting chairs bought at a garden sale or landscaping a pond to give a holistic touch to the patio. Here are some easy patio design ideas that can be made on a budget

Patios with a fireplace

There are no regulations against enjoying a patio during winter and fireplaces make cozy settings which need not always be inside. If a patio is against the wall of your house it can protect you to some extent from cold drafts at night when there is a wood or gas fired furnace in the area. To take advantage of patio in the winter create in an area that is covered on two sides by walls or barriers and have chairs that are close to each other preferable with a fireplace in the center. 

Brick patios

Like the earthy color of bricks and their ability to retain warmth long after the sun is down? Then why not create a patio with brick floor and background as all you would need would be cement and bricks. To give your patio a stylish touch fix iron planter holders when you are building the wall and fix perennial flowers or colorful vines and creepers. Add water elements like a fountain or lily pond to have a charming place that can be proudly shown to friends and family once it is done.

Poolside patios

If you have a pool on the property then there certainly would be deck around it with loungers or deck chairs. Why not turn that into a beachside patio with sun umbrella and tropical plants which will be an inexpensive exercise but can turn your poolside to a popular summer destination among friends. If you can afford it try to build a light wood deck close to the pool which will enhance the value of your home during sale. 

Patios under a pergola 

Pergolas add a trendy vibe to outside parties so why not create a patio under a pergola if you have one on the property. The advantage of pergolas is that these can be made easily if you have a fair bit of knowledge about carpentry to set up the pillars and frame. After the pergola is ready, pave the ground below it with flooring of your choice and set a few comfortable chairs with heavy cushions and table to enjoy your patio. While decorating the area with brass or stone planters and strategically placed stone statues to enhance the atmosphere do not forget to set up lights on the pergola.

Do you own a patio? Would you build one again? Let us know any of your tips and tricks on how to build your own patio in a budget.

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