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Outdoor Storage Ideas

Outdoor Storage Ideas

Browse through images and ideabooks of outdoor storage ideas or find a professional to help with your outdoor storage
Browse through images and ideabooks of outdoor storage ideas or find a professional to help with your outdoor storage

Creating practical outdoor storage around the garden and yard

Outdoor storage is a domain that few explore as most of the garden stuff gets dumped in the garage or tool shed. Every summer, several implements like garden furniture, cushions, lawn decorations, toys, barbecues and pool paraphernalia are practically strewn around the garden making it virtually impossible to restore order to the chaos. While garden tools that are brought out in spring and summer find a place in the garage, other daily use stuff like furniture, cushions, children’s toys and tools that are used around the swimming pool need to be stored closed to the place where they are used. Here are some practical solutions to your outdoor storage requirements that can be created by yourself and in some cases with a little help from the family.

Outdoor storage box and bench

Cushions on porch furniture can be easily carried inside the house every evening but cushions on garden furniture and poolside loungers cannot be taken in everyday and have to be kept away to protect them from dew and rain during night. A large wooden box that can double up as a bench is an ideal outdoor storage idea to store these cushions and other small toys when summer is gone. Fix wheels into the storage box so it can be pushed indoors without much effort when required.

Picket storage shed

Customizable sheds are available in the market that are large enough to hold big tools like pickaxes and spades along with small shelves and hangers to hold small garden tools and seed packets. These sheds are sold with detailed instructions about how to set them up and can be put up within a week to create handy outdoor storage space close to the garden shed and can be locked up at night to deter burglars.

Create open shelves with palettes

Got empty palettes at home then use your creativity to bring to life your outdoor storage ideas like open hangers and hooks for garden tools and other equipment. The wooden slats can be used to make drawers on the upper section of the palette for small objects that need to be locked up to keep them away from children.

Create planters with pallets

Slim rectangular sized wooden pallets are ideal for keeping small planters and hanging them out on a tree or boundary wall. These can be made easily with a bit of design help from online or offline sources so you can make modifications wherever necessary. If the pallet is long then hammer in hooks unto the lower side to hang garden hoses and cans instead of leaving the region blank.

Outdoor storage bar for barbecue

If you have a barbecue for outdoor cooking then appropriate storage for keeping the drinks also has to be created. Why not make a storage bar and show off your outdoor storage idea to friends and family. Simple two to three shelves of the right size to stock bottles, cans and glasses and a suspended bar to hold the mixer and ice bucket can be fixed permanently to the wall near the barbecue.

Do you own an outdoor storage area? Would you build one again? Let us know any of your tips and tricks on how to choose your outdoor storage solution in a budget.

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