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Outdoor Living Ideas & Suggestions

Outdoor Living Ideas & Suggestions

Browse through images and ideabooks of outdoor living or find a professional to help with your outdoor living
Browse through images and ideabooks of outdoor living or find a professional to help with your outdoor living

Types of outdoor living

The sensation of the sun’s warmth, refreshing rain and cool breeze can never be recreated indoors so people that love the great outdoors either go out frequently on treks and trips that take them close to nature or made addition like patios, pools and pergolas to their home. For the latter, outdoor living signifies enjoying outdoor life within close proximity of the house or in other words outdoor living is an extension of their house. The adventurous types will equate outdoor living to camping out in the wilderness which could be on a mountain or jungle in true primitive style with minimal modern comforts. Outdoor living facilities not only improve lifestyle, they also increase the property’s value and there are several interesting ways you can incorporate the same into your home too.

Barbecue Grill Patio

Home owners that do not have time to maintain the garden within their property, can convert their backyard section into a covered or open patio with barbecue and grill along with bar counters and deck chairs to enjoy it with family and friends. Setting up a barbecue grill within the patio, requires careful planning as you would first have to decide if this will be a permanent cooking and serving area or it will only have a portable barbecue/grill stand to carry out cooking and move back inside the house. Depending on the original plan, you can arrange for fire-pits, furniture, cabinets and other essentials and make the layout of the patio.


This type of outdoor living is perfect for picnics during daytime and evening as it is a light open air structure built on four pillars which can be decorated with flowery creepers, curtains and other decorative materials to suit user sense of aesthetics. It can be set up anywhere in the garden on a rough or paved surface with chairs and table under it.

Swimming pool with lanai

The lanai is a covered awning that is usually placed on a deck or veranda and is very popular in Florida. When it is placed around a swimming pool it can become an ideal place to keep loungers, tables, deck chairs and even set up an impromptu drinks bar for relaxation after a swim during summer. Lanai can be set up even without a swimming pool and protected from a view with a screen for privacy to create a unique outdoor living setup. The covered setup of the lanai makes it ideal as an all-weather sit-out to have meals outside.

Sun room or green house

While most of the above are suitable for outdoor activities when the weather is pleasant and there are no chances of rain or snow to spoil the party, a glass house can let you enjoy outdoors irrespective of weather. Glass houses that were first created to house delicate plants to protect them from frost and harsh sunlight have become popular form of outdoor living. Generally constructed close to the main house, glass houses are also referred to as sun rooms and are furnished with light wicker furniture and plants to enjoy nature without worrying about weather.

Do you own a outdoor living space? Would you build one again? Let us know any of your tips and tricks on how to choose your own outdoor living space in a budget.