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Magnificent Exterior Façade Ideas for Indian Homes

Unique ideas allow builders and architects to create stunning exteriors for homes. Innovative techniques and the simple use of contrasting shades and colours can give rise to unusual yet attractive residences.

18 September, 2019

Practical fabric upholstery ideas for divan beds and sofas

A recent shift in home décor trends has caused modern furniture to become more popular than traditional furniture. In India, conventional furniture features carved wood with intricate designs on them, and the cushions are built right into the fabric…

18 September, 2019

Stunning lighting design for a residence in Bangalore

Today, we will take you on a tour of an ultramodern home in Bangalore, where trendy designs and stylish lighting have joined hands to create a lasting impression. Created by the interior designers and decorators at Rubenius Interiors, this residence…

16 September, 2019

Modest kitchen designs perfect for small Indian homes

Small kitchens no longer mean congested areas with limited storage and workspaces. On homify, our kitchen planners have designed innovative layouts that are ideal for small spaces.

16 September, 2019

Charming Décor Accents bring Sophistication to a Home in Hyderabad

Today, let’s tour a beautiful home that exudes class and sophistication. The professional designers and decorators of Enrich Interiors and Decors have managed to put together a simple yet classy home.

15 September, 2019

Luxurious Interiors for an Apartment Next to Amitabh Bachchan’s House in Mumbai

One of the things that elevate the value of a home is its location. In Mumbai, this home’s proximity to the Bollywood star, Amitabh Bachchan, makes it priceless but what makes it even more noteworthy is its design.

14 September, 2019

10 innovative and modern ideas for bedroom décor

It’s quite natural to get tired of the bedroom décor; after all it is the place in which we spend most of our time. So give your bedroom a modern makeover and make it refreshingly gorgeous.

13 September, 2019

An Impressive and Striking Exterior Façade for This Home in Chennai

The exterior facade of a home is as critical as its interiors. While the interiors provide comfort and luxury to the residents, the exteriors create a visual treat for outsiders.

13 September, 2019

How to choose the perfect dressing table for a small bedroom

The dressing table was once considered to be a luxury item that only members of the higher realms of society possessed. They were usually bulky and heavy pieces of furniture, with some even combining a writing table as well and were often placed in a…

12 September, 2019

Gorgeous Interior Design Ideas in a Stylish Home in Hyderabad

The interior design of a home is a sharp reflection of the taste of the people who live in it. Today, let’s tour a gorgeous and stylish home designed by the professional designers and decorators from Saloni Narayankar Interiors in Hyderabad.

12 September, 2019