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Sophisticated interiors from an apartment in Mumbai

The interior architects of Midas Dezign have created a wonderful, simplistic and stylish home with neutral and subtle tones. Minimalistic homes are easy to maintain as it is not just decorative.

23 May, 2019

Advantages of perforated façade panels for Indian homes

In recent times, perforated façade panels are making a comeback in Indian home design. However, an often-forgotten fact is that they have been an integral part of architecture for centuries.

23 May, 2019

Villa in Hyderabad with false ceilings and extensive artificial lighting

This home is the product of creative vision and efforts of the interior designers and decorators at Enrich Interiors & Decors, Hyderabad. Everything that has been included in the home is the result of a conscious effort to create a simplistic yet…

22 May, 2019

Interior designs for homes and retail spaces in Pune

Interiors of home or retail spaces need to be contemplated carefully. While it is something that reflects your taste, you must remember that it is something that you must live with.

21 May, 2019

Garage design ideas for Indian homes

When planning the layout of a house, it’s essential to look at garage design ideas and incorporate it into the layout so that it seems like an extension of the home rather than an afterthought.

21 May, 2019

Modern villa in Bangalore with contemporary designs

Contemporary home and designs are far from boring. In fact, you will find that it is easy to put together abstract shapes, unique light fixtures, and patterns. There are no hard and fast rules about design as you can create a modern space that is fun…

20 May, 2019

Home in Indore with traditional and modern architecture

It is not necessary to use fancy designs and embellishments to make your home look wonderful. Following a simple strategy of using a common theme and sticking to the basics can help you create a home that is modest yet beautiful.

20 May, 2019

Living room in Noida with unique design elements

Living rooms present the biggest challenge in any home. The reason for this is that the family typically congregates here and it needs to match everyone’s style quotient. Also, consider the fact that this is the room that gets seen the most by guests…

19 May, 2019

Facade design ideas from a home in Bangalore

It is possible to design a home that is close to nature but when the home itself is situated in a natural surrounding, the design becomes even better. This lovely home in Bangalore has been designed by De Square and the architects have invested time…

19 May, 2019

How to create pooja room designs in wood or plywood?

Although the pooja room is a sacred space in the house, most homeowners expect it to have aesthetic appeal. The advantage of creating pooja room designs in wood or plywood is that it can fit into even a small corner of the living room or kitchen, mak…

19 May, 2019