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Creative Design Helps Spark Innovation at an Incubation Centre in Noida

Commercial offices focus on functionality and professionalism, leaving little room for creativity. However, the design of a student incubation centre is a whole new ball game. While the space requires equipment, workstations, and facilities like thos…

10 June, 2022

Decorative Ceiling Tiles Designs to Build up Stunning Ceiling Décor

If the roof completes the house from the exterior, the ceiling captivates the imagination and unleashes creativity when designing the home interior. The fascination for the false ceilings grew with passing time and graduated to become an integral par…

22 February, 2022

Beautiful Interior Decor of a Duplex Designed by a New Delhi Design Firm

A duplex home is magical! It's a large canvas spread over two floors waiting to be painted into its owner's dream. When it comes to styling and designing a duplex house, there is immense scope to design, style and decorate, creating an impressive déc…

30 November, 2021

Poojas at Home: 10 Breathtaking Designs to Inspire You!

What is pooja to you? Is it a mechanical counting of beads like our grandparents used to do, or is it something exotic and personal to you? Do you find it soothing when you pray in the pooja room of your home? Or is it also a chance of wonderful sile…

05 October, 2021

10 Modern Bathrooms for Neourban Spaces

We rarely prioritize our bedrooms and our bathrooms in a similar fashion! We spend ample time in locating the windows, ascertaining the light conditions, fixing the furniture styles, and so on.

05 October, 2021

Welcoming Vastu in Your Home, The Spirit of Auspicious Luck & Wealth

What is Vastu?Vastu is the ultimate gamut of ancient architectural insights that develop into a unique system to establish the rules of designing homes and residences. The aim of this ancient Indian architecture is to shed light on the hidden potenti…

05 October, 2021

10 Trending Mandir Designs You Can't Afford to Miss!

No Indian household is complete without a dedicated space for the Gods. Yes, average Indians are quite religious and therefore, professional designers always ensure an elegant abode for the Gods always form an intrinsic part of their designs.

04 October, 2021

How About Transforming Your Balcony to Fit Your Persona? | 5 Mindblowing Balcony Transformation Ideas

People keep neglecting the hidden potential of balconies in anchoring the beauty and centrality of a home. No matter how crammed your apartment is, or how many buildings surround yours, a well-designed and planned balcony is always a game-changer, in…

02 October, 2021

The Contemporary Haven of Style & Elegance

The modern interiors call for a boom of too many elements spiced up together, while also connecting each of these branches of design by a single, connecting stem of aesthetics.

31 August, 2021

13 Grand Interiors that will Definitely Mesmerize You

Much like our bodies, we prefer our homes to be as fit from the inside as from the outside. If you notice any interior design that you end up loving, you will notice that harmony runs consistently through the interior and the exterior of the construc…

24 August, 2021