Ready for Summer: 16 Modern Swimming Pools You'll Want to Swimm In

Summer vacations are synonymous with ice-cream delights, endless light, balmy nights, and not to forget, pool parties and get-togethers. Whether you're a parent to young children or are simply looking for effective ways to beat the heat, there's no d…

14 May, 2021

17 pictures of small pools for terraces and gardens

When we think of a home with a pool, we imagine that one needs a large garden for it. However, one can enjoy small pools even in smaller spaces. In this ideabook, we present 17 ideas of small courtyard pools that can inspire you to use your…

26 November, 2020

​Tips to spruce up your swimming pool

A swimming pool is surely the most elegant and classy addition to the exterior of any house. Be it big or small, a simple swimming pool increases the entertainment manifold and provides you with a great lounging experience without going out to clubs…

23 November, 2015