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More rooms articles, tips & information

Front Gate Designs for Modern Indian Houses

With a lot being written about the effect of powerful entrance gates, most people look for artistic and creative designs to make an impression at the entrance of small and large homes.

18 March, 2020

10 Modern Houses with Courtyards

Courtyards have been the soul of Indian homes for centuries. While they were an integral part of old homes, many architects are reviving the beautiful concept and trying to include it even in modern homes.

27 February, 2020

10 Gorgeous Small Balcony Design Ideas Perfect for Indian Homes

The balcony is a beautiful, dreamy and cosy outdoor space, especially in city homes. It doesn’t matter whether it is tiny or big. What matters is how we design and decorate it to make it a gorgeous little retreat for relaxation, where we can see the…

13 January, 2020

9 Unique Ideas for Creating a Stunning Entrance for a Home

The entrance of a home presents an opportunity to flaunt one’s design sense and unique style. It is an introduction to the home’s design style and sets the tone for what to expect inside.

08 December, 2019

8 Pooja Unit Designs for Modern Living Rooms

The Pooja room is the most serene and pious corner of Indian homes. However, nowadays, especially in urban apartments with space constraints, having a dedicated place for prayer is a luxury.

22 November, 2019

How to elevate the look of a terrace with home décor fabrics

The term terrace originates from the Latin word terra that means earth. It refers to an outdoor area built on a raised platform. As they are located at the top of a building or residence, modern-day terraces serve a variety of purposes.

11 October, 2019

Simple tips for designing a home office

In today’s competitive world, there is no denying the fact that no matter how much we hate it, at the end of the day we end up bringing work home. Therefore, one needs a secluded and designated space from where one can work uninterrupted.

08 October, 2019

Modern rooftop terrace designs for houses

Rooftop terraces have become the new retreat for families that want to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings from a vantage point. Gone are the days when terraces were the dumping ground for broken furniture, a few potted plants or a swing.

03 October, 2019

Balcony Design Ideas for Indian homes

The balcony is easily one of the most refreshing areas of an Indian home. Be it a winter afternoon, a summer morning or a rainy evening, it never fails to present the perfect place to relax with the family, spend some time with nature or just enjoy y…

25 July, 2019

10 wall design ideas for your terrace

The terrace is a great addition which gives you ample chance and opportunity to show your creativity and some taste to enhance the style quotient of your homes. The modern terrace can be designed by following a large variety of trends, contemporary i…

24 May, 2019