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Living room articles, tips & information

13 Luxury Living Room Ideas to Make Your Home More Welcoming

The living room serves as the heart of the home uniting family and friends in revelries and merrymaking. The decor of the living room greatly influences the overall look, feel, and vibe of the area.

21 March, 2021

9 Design Trends to Follow for the Living Room in 2021

As we welcome 2021 with hope and optimism, interior designers and decorators are introducing fresh ideas for cheerful décor. While the living room has always seen the most traffic in any house, 2020 was different.

06 January, 2021

Living room makeover on a budget

The living room is one of the most frequently used spaces in the house, which is why it is essential that it looks good and stands up to daily activities. Creating a beautiful living space can seem like an expensive project, but it doesn't have to be…

23 December, 2020

9 modern TV units in your living room

From bulky box to slim and sleek TV set, television has undergone a huge revolution in its shape and size. Along with that modern TV unit too has also witnessed the transformation.

26 November, 2020

18 interesting diwan designs for living rooms

When you are looking for furniture for your living room, a diwan is something that you should consider, even in a modern style home. It is a versatile piece of furniture that can serve as a sofa or couch during the day and convert into a bed at…

19 November, 2020

How to choose the best TV unit designs for your living room

The television is an essential feature and integral part of modern living rooms, and with advances in technology, the design of the TV has shrunk from a bulky box to a sleek and slim wall-mounted unit.

05 November, 2020

10 pictures of homes combining dining hall and living room

So your dream home has the living room that shares the space with the dining hall. Living cum dining room is the result of the space crunch in modern homes. You must be wondering how to give a chic yet homely feel to this social yet private space.

28 October, 2020

10 beautiful pictures of small drawing rooms for Indian homes

During 16th century, the word drawing room was coined from the term withdrawing room. The withdrawing room was the room to which the guest and the host could ‘withdraw’ for socializing and entertainment.

30 September, 2020

Attractive and practical living room design ideas from professionals in Noida

Everyone loves it when a friend or relative stops by and compliments the stylishness of the living room. In any house, it’s the space used to greet guests, and therefore, should showcase your personality and suit your style preference so you can rela…

11 July, 2020

Classy Living Room Design Ideas from Interior Architects in Kolhapur

Living rooms are like looking glasses. They give us a peek into the interiors of a home and the personal style of the owner. A living room should balance style with effectiveness so that it can accommodate guests and look inviting and attractive.

28 May, 2020