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10 Modern Bathrooms for Neourban Spaces

We rarely prioritize our bedrooms and our bathrooms in a similar fashion! We spend ample time in locating the windows, ascertaining the light conditions, fixing the furniture styles, and so on.

05 October, 2021

"Where do I put switches and sockets for safety and aesthetics?"

When you are designing your home’s interiors, electrical wiring and switchboards need to be planned so that they don’t become an eye sore that takes away from the overall look of your home once the project is completed.

04 December, 2020

30 pictures of false ceilings and led lights

There are numerous ways to design the ceilings in your house, but as of now let’s focus on beautifying it through lighting. With the current trends in interior design, lighting has risen to a whole new level.

25 November, 2020

Innovative bathroom lighting ideas perfect for modern homes

Bathroom lighting is critical to keeping the space attractive and presentable while maintaining the overall ambience. The right combination of ceiling lights, vanity lights, in-cabinet lights, shower cabinet lights and others can work as a collaborat…

25 October, 2020

Perfect Lighting Design Ideas from Professionals in Gurgaon

Design is a crucial part of any interiors, and lighting is an essential part of it. Whether one is talking about residential apartments or commercial spaces, well-thought-out lighting design is critical.

09 April, 2020

Fantastic Home and Office Lighting Ideas from Designers in Delhi

No matter how beautifully furnished or contemporarily designed a house is, everything can fall flat if the lighting is not right. Light fixtures need to be both stylish and practical.

24 February, 2020

10 Lighting ideas to add glamour to your dining room

In today’s modern lifestyle, dining rooms are generally used in the evenings when the family gathers to bond over a meal or to entertain guests. So it becomes crucial to rev up the style of the room with proper lighting to create a perfect ambience f…

23 August, 2019

The best lighting design tips for Indian homes

You would agree that lighting design is not among the first thoughts that come to mind when you are planning to build or renovate your home. Lighting planning and placement is a pretty underrated activity, but it can make a big difference in the appe…

12 July, 2019

A modern home with seriously bold style!

Nagpur is a major urban area of India renowned for its flourishing industries as well its thriving orange groves. The house we are going to visit today reflects some of its varied colours.

23 April, 2019

LED lighting - Everything you need to know!

The present and future of lighting is LEDlighting. LED stands for light emitting diodes. LEDs have the inherentadvantage of higher light output for a given amount of power consumption, arated life of 100000 hours and no filaments to wear out or gases…

18 April, 2019