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Interior architecture articles, tips & information

17 Amazing Hallway Décor Design Ideas for your Beautiful Home

Agree or disagree, but you cannot deny the fact that the 'first impression counts.' It aptly applies to the hallway, which is an introduction to your house. It sets the tone of what to expect once you step in.

06 February, 2021

A classy home with minimalist design touches in Gaziabad

Minimalist design is timeless and is more welcome in today's homes as it allows for quick change when required and also provides eclectic beauty suited to every kind of environment and weather.

18 January, 2021

Minimalist design ideas for Indian homes

India is synonymous with colour, vibrancy, and things larger than life. So it's quite natural to think that minimalist design ideas are an alien concept for Indian homes. However, modern homeowners and professional designers have broken the myth.

27 December, 2020

15 pictures of cupboards and wardrobes in Indian homes

Including enough storage space in your home is a crucial part of designing. To have a cupboard that not only looks beautiful but is also spacious is something that can take a lot of planning and research.

08 December, 2020

15 ideas for decorating your hall and lobby

While there is no perfect formula to decorate your room, here are a few clues that can help you give your single entry hall a dramatic look and feel.Good lighting, space to hang coats, bags, and jackets, a key holder, a wooden partition and a few dec…

02 December, 2020

10 Mandir Designs for small Indian homes

An Indian home is incomplete without a mandir where the family can pray, meditate or perform daily puja. This isn’t necessarily restricted to Hindu homes. Most Indians like a small space for meditation and prayer, even if they choose not to refer to…

01 December, 2020

What are the benefits of transparent roofing? Is it suitable for Indian homes?

Natural light in the interiors makes a home look beautiful, but not every design allows for sunlight to bathe every room in the house. For those who are looking for ways to add brightness to the interiors without resorting to artificial illumination…

29 November, 2020

9 Warm and welcoming main doors for your home

The path to your abode leads through the main door. Whether it is the residents of the home or the friends and guests visiting or even just a passerby passing through it; the entrance door stands there as the front face of your home, tickling the cur…

28 November, 2020

Practical Design Ideas For Creating Multi-purpose Rooms

In modern homes with limited square footage, sometimes measured easily in a few steps, all we have to do when designing is to think smart to maximize the space and make the most of what's available.

28 November, 2020

10 beautiful false ceilings from Indian homes

Trendy false ceilings add drama to the room and enhance the overall beauty of the interior decoration. Homeowners ask for it in their homes for cosmetic reasons, architects and interior designers adopt the concept to make the ceiling design look aest…

27 November, 2020