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Home design ideas from interior designers in Chennai

If beauty comes with comfort, the house becomes home for the family to dwell a comfortable and happy life there. Keeping the comfort of the family in priority, the interior designers and decorators of CLASSICSPACEINTERIOR in Chennai have come up with…

12 November, 2018

A complete guide for the walls of your home

What is home without it's walls? Walls are what makes your home safe from the dust, winds, animals and insects. House walls are what makes your house secure and help you sleep in peace.

08 November, 2018

20 great ideas for your TV wall

The television is our favorite fidgety at home and is one thing we come back home to in the evenings. The area surrounding the TV is where we settle after coming back from work to watch our favorite series or movie and catch up with our families to…

07 November, 2018

Study room ideas for your home

Study room design is often taken for granted, probably because it is a room that is seldom visited by guests, and study room furniture does not generally allow a family get-together.

06 November, 2018

12 tips to make a small bathroom better

A small bathroom layout can be tricky. Not everyone gets to enjoy a roomy bathroom. In fact, with sky high rentals in big cities, compact size bathrooms are a such a norm. So how do you make the most of the limited space and have it equipped with all…

03 November, 2018

7 Mistakes to Avoid as per Vastu Shashtra at Your Home

Turning a house into a home requires a great deal of work. The people, the things and the ambiance; when all combine, they together lend a harmony and energy to their surroundings. The effect of energies is well entrenched in many cultures.

01 November, 2018

12 Vastu compliant garage tips for your home

Have you ever wondered why since you bought a new car it's been prone to accidents and has been needing constant trips to the service centre? Have you observed a spike in squabbling incidents with neighbors due to parking allotments? Have you ever th…

30 October, 2018

10 Mandir Designs for small Indian homes

An Indian home is incomplete without a mandir where the family can pray, meditate or perform daily puja. This isn’t necessarily restricted to Hindu homes. Most Indians like a small space for meditation and prayer, even if they choose not to refer to…

28 October, 2018

Compact staircase ideas for small houses

Staircases are an essential feature in homes that have more than one floor. While it’s easy to incorporate a beautiful stair design in a large house, often in a small one, compact stairs pose a design challenge, even to architects and interior…

28 October, 2018

15 exterior doors perfect for your dream house

Innovative façades and professional doors can make sure that your house doesn’t go unnoticed. An exterior door is not only a functional and safety requirement, it has the potential to make a strong statement as well.

22 October, 2018