How do I choose the perfect boundary wall designs for my home?

When you are building a house, the type of boundary wall is one of the things you need to decide. The outer wall of your home is much more than a boundary fence that marks where your property ends, and the street begins.

10 December, 2020

What are the best tiles for flooring in Indian homes?

Gone are the days when marble, natural wood and granite were popular choices for flooring. Due to their durability, ease of installation, low maintenance and affordability tiles have taken over as the most common option for flooring in Indian homes.

21 November, 2020

9 Stunning Indian Bungalows that Will Take Your Breath Away

Who wouldn’t like the luxury of living in a spacious bungalow with large rooms, an expansive compound with a gorgeous garden and lovely verandas in which to sit and enjoy the surrounding greenery while sipping a cup of tea? Even if you are a staunch…

18 November, 2020

10 wrought iron main gate designs for your house

The main gate plays a significant role in adding character and personality to the house facade design. It urges strangers passing by and visitors to form an opinion about your home and lifestyle, but it also satisfies the functional requirement of pr…

17 November, 2020

15 simple houses that you can build on your own

The cost of constructing a house sometimes makes you put on hold your plans of building your own home. Instead, the limited budget makes you look at condominiums to verify how much a small unit would cost.

30 October, 2020

16 house plans to copy

Who doesn’t dream of building their own home? While browsing through photographs of beautiful houses is a great way to get ideas, house plans are essential to help to plan the area and give the homeowner an idea of how the space will be utilised and…

27 October, 2020

House design ideas with floor plans

Gone are the days when building a house was everyone’s dream. Nowadays, with high-rise apartments offering a convenient alternative, most home owners prefer them over houses. While the advantages of living in an apartment complex are indisputable, it…

23 October, 2020

7 Stunning Paint Colour Combinations for Your Home Exteriors

Opting for a single colour for the home exteriors can sometimes make it appear dull and monotonous. However, the search for two or more colour combinations for the home exteriors can be quite daunting.

26 September, 2020

10 beautiful ideas for transforming your home with floor skirting

Floor skirting is often the forgotten piece when designing the interior of the house. Though it may seem like a mere bridge that fills the gap between the floor and walls, the fact is that the precise selection of skirting design can define the floor…

16 June, 2020

Interesting ideas for creating portico designs that impress

A portico or front verandah is an excellent idea for enhancing the home entrance and increasing its curb appeal. Whether you want to have the traditional pillars and a sloping tiled roof or stately columns with a straight roof to support a stylish ba…

14 June, 2020