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Textures and Earthy Hues Add Elegance to a Minimalistic Flat

While minimalist design is trending due to its simplistic aesthetic that enhances the expansiveness of spaces, most homeowners also want their houses to look elegant and cosy. So, what’s the solution? The answer is subtly employing textures and colou…

15 September, 2023

Luxury and Comfort Combine to Make Courtyard House Exclusive and Aspirational

Courtyard House, featured here, is undeniably luxurious, spread over 18,500 square feet, with five bedrooms, eight spacious bathrooms, a home theatre, and a luxury island kitchen with an in-house servant room attached.

25 July, 2023

A Tropical-themed House Draws Inspiration from Nature to Reflect Luxury

Interior design can transform a home's aesthetic, creating a pleasant and comfortable living environment with furniture, fixtures, and decorative accessories. Interior designers often pick a theme to add cohesiveness to the decorative elements, and t…

25 July, 2023

How to Give a House an Amazing Upgrade with Colours, Texture, and Wallpaper

Every house begins to look tired after a few years. Sometimes, one gets bored with seeing the same interiors daily and wants a change that mere repainting doesn’t solve. The good news is that upgrading the interiors isn’t necessarily time-consuming a…

23 June, 2023

Beautiful Art and Textures Enhance the Luxury Design of a Flat in Noida

Most people associate luxury with the classic design style, characterised by ornate décor and flourishes. But contemporary homes require understated luxury that matches their linear design and modern-minimalist aesthetic.

12 June, 2023

A Three-bedroom Apartment Transforms from a Bare Shell to a Beautiful Home

Designing a bare shell apartment poses a significant challenge at most times since everything needs to be customised. And it becomes even more challenging when it needs to be done in the middle of a pandemic.

A Millionaire’s House Gets a Stylish Boost with a Central Courtyard

A luxury house is everyone’s dream, but those who can afford it expect perfection and high quality, along with a unique feature that sets the home apart from other beautiful houses in the area.

15 May, 2023

Classy White Interiors Get a Touch of Warmth in a Modern Apartment

All-white interiors are trendy and classy, but they often present the challenge of ensuring that elegance and simplicity don’t come at the cost of warmth and a homely feel. When the clients approached Kreative House for the interior design of their a…

05 December, 2022

How a Mumbai Interior Design Studio Turned an Apartment into an Urban Oasis

Apartments in metropolises are notorious for being cramped and noisy – not the greatest environment for relaxing or unwinding at the end of a busy day. So, how does one create calm in the midst of an urban storm? The designers at Canvasinc show us ho…

28 October, 2022

Modern Corporate Office Design with Obstruction-less Design by Ahmedabad-based Interior Designers

Corporate office designs had evolved from the era when the corporate office was a new phenomenon. Corporate design call for a cohesive space to inspire the staff and assist the decision-makers in making challenging decisions in a stress-free environm…

26 July, 2022