Ideas for internal gardens for modern Indian homes

Every house can benefit from blending with nature, and in the current urban environment, there’s no better way to achieve this than with internal gardens for modern Indian homes.

01 May, 2019

7 fresh ideas of creating vertical garden in living rooms

In today’s world, where the concrete jungle is replacing the actual jungles, it’s hard to find space to plant a garden when we don’t have enough space to park our cars. Vertical gardening is the way we can do our part in bringing the greenery back wh…

22 January, 2019

15 garden privacy tips against nosey neighbours

A house with a garden is always nice and pleasant to have but at the same time, some of us would feel a need for privacy especially when we have nosey neighbors. For most homeowners, getting along with neighbors is fairly easy and if luck favors you,…

19 December, 2018

7 plants that can bring good luck into your home in 2019

Do you know that apart from aesthetics and freshness, plants also has the power to attract health, wealth, love, prosperity or in short good luck into your home. So if you are looking to spruce up your home to welcome 2019 with stylish décor bubbling…

16 December, 2018

7 seating ideas for small gardens (your guests will be impressed)

Small gardens, tiny terraces and petite patios require slightly more thought than larger spaces. With the right ideas, the tiniest plot can be transformed into an elegant outdoor retreat.

15 December, 2018