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Matt finish kitchen designs by Mumbai interior designers

Once upon a time kitchen was hidden behind the walls confined for cooking and only cooking. But in modern times kitchen has become a part of the social area of the house, playing an active part in wiping out the gender role defined by our society.

23 September, 2018

12 different styles of bedrooms for Indian houses

Enter the bedroom and the main attraction and absolute necessity there is our bed. When it comes to choosing home furniture, there are so many designs, styles and materials in the market.

23 August, 2018

10 wardrobe designs for your modern home

Imagine a bedroom without wardrobe! Is it possible? NO!Modern bedroom without a wardrobe is same as a beautiful home without electricity. It has engraved so deep in our mind that think of bedroom and the furniture that pops up is the bed and wardrobe.

17 August, 2018

How to find stunning wardrobe design ideas for the bedroom

Wardrobes are a part of every bedroom. As a result, we look at them as functional rather than decorative, but a beautiful wardrobe design can transform the appearance of a bedroom, elevating it from ordinary to exceptional.

11 August, 2018

What are some L-shaped sofa ideas for my home?

When designing a small living room, often L-shaped sofas seem the best option as they provide more seating without occupying too much space. They are trendy, and it’s not unusual to find them in a modern house in India.

27 July, 2018

14 multi-functional furniture ideas for Indian homes

Space constraints have become common phenomena in city homes or rather in modern homes. However, human beings are blessed with an insatiable ability to adapt and adjust to any situation.

17 July, 2018

आपके घर के लिए 7 भोजन क्षेत्र विचार

भोजन मेज खाने के कमरे की आत्मा है जिसे घर के सदस्यों की सेवा करने के इरादे से बनाई गई है इसीलिए प्यार और प्रशंसा यहाँ बांटी जाती  है। इस स्थान पर हम भोजन को परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ साझा करते हैं तथा सार्थक और लंबी बातचीत के माध्यम से अपने प्रियजनों…

17 July, 2018

14 wooden furniture designs from Indian homes

Furniture made out of wood has always been popular. In the olden days, actually there was not much choice but wooden furniture. However even now that many other materials can be used to make furniture, wood still remains one of the most popular choic…

14 July, 2018

How can I design a wardrobe that is functional and beautiful?

Big is not always beautiful! When it comes to bedroom wardrobe storage, a lot of thought needs to go into designing it so that it’s practical and stylish. The cost of materials won’t alter drastically between a well-organised closet and an…

11 July, 2018

What are some sliding door wardrobes ideas for modern Indian homes?

Storage is of prime importance in any house, more so in a small one, and a sliding door wardrobe is an ultimate solution that helps to provide storage space without cluttering up the room.

02 July, 2018