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8 Beautiful and functional designs for wardrobes with mirrors

Wardrobes with mirrors on the door is not a new design concept. What was preferred in the conventional cupboards for its elegance and vintage charm has now been revived in modern-day wardrobes by interior designers and decorators.

20 February, 2020

Classy and Practical Wooden Wardrobe Designs in Faridabad

Wardrobes are an essential part of the furniture in any home. They make storage and organising of apparel easy. However, a well-designed wardrobe also contributes to the décor of a bedroom.

12 February, 2020

Space-saving bedroom furniture for a beautiful home

One of the challenges of designing modern homes is the limited square footage available for storage, which is felt most in small bedrooms where lack of space leads to haphazard organisation and clutter.

11 February, 2020

Space-saving furniture ideas for small bedrooms

In modern homes, the bedroom is not just a room for sleeping. It’s also a personal space where one gets ready in the morning. So, it should have a cupboard to store clothes and accessories.

08 January, 2020

9 Stylish Walk-in Closet Designs for Bedrooms

The concept of a walk-in closet is slowly but surely gaining popularity in modern homes, especially among the younger generation that is always on the go. Apart from being a luxurious addition to the bedroom, the walk-in closet is a practical design…

25 November, 2019

The Best TV Unit Designs for Small Apartments

The television has earned a coveted position and has become the focal point in most living rooms, elevating it to being more than just a means of holding its viewers captive. In the interior design of living rooms and media rooms across the globe, of…

11 November, 2019

9 Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Trolleys for your Home

Kitchen design trends change frequently, and mostly they are based on comfort and functionality besides style. However, when it comes to a modern or contemporary kitchen, the fundamental principle of its design should always be original features that…

08 November, 2019

Trendy bedroom wardrobe designs by a Chennai interior designer

In modern homes, storage solutions need to be smart and stylish. They can save a lot of floor area and also improve the aesthetics of the interiors. Such solutions are especially important in bedrooms, where one needs to store everything from clothes…

08 October, 2019

How to choose the perfect dressing table for a small bedroom

The dressing table was once considered to be a luxury item that only members of the higher realms of society possessed. They were usually bulky and heavy pieces of furniture, with some even combining a writing table as well and were often placed in a…

12 September, 2019

How to choose the best TV unit designs for your living room

The television is an essential feature and integral part of modern living rooms, and with advances in technology, the design of the TV has shrunk from a bulky box to a sleek and slim wall-mounted unit.

06 September, 2019