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Storage ideas from a Noida home

Storage units are necessary for every home. Smart storage cabinets and units ensure that you can create a home that is balanced in terms of design, form and function. Each home is unique in the sense that the need for storage is different.

09 February, 2019

9 study table design ideas for the children’s room

Whether the child of the home like it or not, study table is an essential piece of furniture for all age group of children till they graduate to office desk. All we can do to help them is to make the boring routine of studies and homework a comfortab…

22 January, 2019

10 pictures of verandas with sofas

The veranda is the ideal place to relax and enjoy the outdoors during summer or embrace a warm fireplace during the cold months of the year. Since the veranda is an integral part of the house, you should choose a type of furniture that reflects the s…

18 January, 2019

भारतीय घरों के लिए 15 अतिउत्तम अलमारी और वार्डरोब तस्वीरें

घर में पर्याप्त भंडारण स्थान शामिल करना आंतरिक सजावट का एक महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा है ओर सही अलमारी वह है जो सुंदर होने के साथ साथ इतने विशाल आकर का हो जिसमे सारे सामान का सयोजन सम्पूर्णता से हो जाये । बड़ी अलमारी प्राप्त करना हमेशा भण्डारण का समाधान नहीं…

18 January, 2019

7 pooja cabinets for a small home

Meditating and praying is a divine and therapeutic process that most Indian families imbibe as part of their daily routines. Whether in a pooja room or a small mandir located in the corner of a room, certain areas of the home are undoubtedly dedicate…

14 January, 2019

Know the types of woods and their best usage in furniture

In India you are spoiled for choices in wood. There are so many varieties of wood, and the wood craftsmen are so talented and detail oriented they can create anything out of any type wood.

09 January, 2019

The pros and cons of a leather sofa versus a fabric sofa

Sofas can cost a lot of money, so it's definitely one of those decisions worth weighing out properly. A sofa can also enhance the interior design and style of the living room and that's another reason why some thought should be put into it so that th…

04 January, 2019

10 Best diwan bed designs for Indian homes

Diwans are a popular piece of furniture in Indian homes because of their versatility. During the day, they offer comfortable seating for putting up one's feet and lounging. At night, or for a daytime nap, they provide a makeshift bed for resting.

04 December, 2018

बेडरूम के लिए 20 शानदार और परिपूर्ण अल्मारिया

बेडरूम के सजावट और डिजाइन के बारे में योजना बनाते समय हम सबसे पहले बिस्तर और अलमारी जैसे ज़रूरी फर्नीचर के बारे में सोचते हैं और यह विकल्प कमरे के आकार से लेकर कई कारकों पर निर्भर करता है । बैडरूम में सबसे एक अन्य महत्वपूर्ण बिंदु इंटीरियर स्पेस को…

23 November, 2018

Beautiful marble tables

When we think of marble, we imagine large roman baths, castles, and luscious extravagant palaces. Our minds drift to historical mansions of the elite and upper-class, where no expense was spared, and a resulting marble overload, although…

22 November, 2018