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14 multi-functional furniture ideas for Indian homes

Space constraints have become common phenomena in city homes or rather in modern homes. However, human beings are blessed with an insatiable ability to adapt and adjust to any situation.

17 July, 2018

आपके घर के लिए 7 भोजन क्षेत्र विचार

भोजन मेज खाने के कमरे की आत्मा है जिसे घर के सदस्यों की सेवा करने के इरादे से बनाई गई है इसीलिए प्यार और प्रशंसा यहाँ बांटी जाती  है। इस स्थान पर हम भोजन को परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ साझा करते हैं तथा सार्थक और लंबी बातचीत के माध्यम से अपने प्रियजनों…

17 July, 2018

14 wooden furniture designs from Indian homes

Furniture made out of wood has always been popular. In the olden days, actually there was not much choice but wooden furniture. However even now that many other materials can be used to make furniture, wood still remains one of the most popular choic…

14 July, 2018

How can I design a wardrobe that is functional and beautiful?

Big is not always beautiful! When it comes to bedroom wardrobe storage, a lot of thought needs to go into designing it so that it’s practical and stylish. The cost of materials won’t alter drastically between a well-organised closet and an…

11 July, 2018

What are some sliding door wardrobes ideas for modern Indian homes?

Storage is of prime importance in any house, more so in a small one, and a sliding door wardrobe is an ultimate solution that helps to provide storage space without cluttering up the room.

02 July, 2018

14 modular wadrobe ideas your bedroom needs today

Modular wardrobes have gained immense popularity in modern times due to its high utility and convenience it brings with it. Basically modular wardrobes are segmented units which are made to order; customized and then assembled to fit to customer’s ne…

01 July, 2018

9 sofa cum bed ideas for urban home dwellers

A sofa cum bed is a blessing in disguise for young professionals living in compact homes in cities, trying to make a home away from home. It’s a stylish piece of furniture which makes the room fashionably chic without compromising on comfort.

27 June, 2018

The A to Z of folding beds for Indian homes

Most people associate folding beds with cramped hotel rooms, where the request for an extra bed is met by a foldable bed frame with a mattress that can be extended or collapsed.

20 June, 2018

What are the essential furniture for my small home?

When you buy an apartment in a city, it’s usually because it provides easy access to everything, whether it’s work, school, medical care, retail or recreation. However, it comes with disadvantages.

18 June, 2018

5 materials to use as kitchen cabinets

We live in an era of excessive choices. Right from the style, designs, colours, patterns or even materials; go to the market and believe us, you will get confused. While the style, colours, designs and patterns can be selected after a little brainsto…

14 June, 2018