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Trends for Interior Decoration 2019

Every year we go through the same ritual. With the beginning of the year we set new goals, challenges, reorganize our day to day and often, we also change the decoration of our house according to new trends.

21 September, 2018

How to plan the Pooja room and make the walls and ceiling stunning

Most homeowners spend a lot of time designing the pooja space in the house and collecting beautiful idols and accessories that make the area look lovely. Another simple way to bring a stunning element to the room is by decorating the pooja room walls…

09 September, 2018

Should I use marble flooring in my home?

For centuries, marble flooring has been a preferred option in Indian homes owing to the element of luxury and beauty that it brings to the ambiance. The natural stone is suitable for almost every room in the house so long as it is coated to preserve…

05 September, 2018

What types of carpets are ideal for Indian homes?

Carpets are an excellent way to decorate a home while simultaneously bringing a cosy and comfortable element into a room. When looking for carpets for homes, one usually comes across a variety of options, which can be confusing as some are very…

02 September, 2018

What is a false ceiling and how do I install it in my home?

When it comes to finding ideas to make a simple home look more sophisticated, a false ceiling is one of the popular choices. While usually, the dry wall technique is used for creating an interior partition wall, it can also be extended to a suspended…

31 August, 2018

What is the right height for the television in a room?

Nowadays, a TV is a part of every home in India. In fact, the majority of homes have more than one television – one in the living room as well as another in a family room or the bedrooms.

19 August, 2018

What do I need to know before buying ceiling fans?

When deciding on the electrical fixtures for the house, most homeowners focus more on the lighting than on the ceiling fans. Understandably so as matching the lighting fixtures with the overall design style is a priority as it is a more noticeable…

13 August, 2018

3 essential Vastu colours to bring home happiness

Colours have mystical effect in our mind and soul. The feel of colours around us stimulates our mood and has profound impact in our psychological and emotional health. Vastu shastra understands the importance of colours and the influence it have in t…

10 August, 2018

What are some alternatives I can use for curtains at home?

Dressing up the windows with curtains is one way of decorating a room while providing shade and privacy, but it's not the only way. There are other alternatives which work even better than curtains which we would like to introduce you to in this idea…

08 August, 2018

How can I optimize space in a small apartment?

Living in a small apartment comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Most homeowners choose a tiny apartment in the centre of the city for easy access to everything. While a small apartment can be cosy, the flip side is that it runs out of…

07 August, 2018