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घर को व्यक्तिगत बनाने के पांच सजावट की युक्तियों

अपने सपनों के घर को खरीदने के बाद उसे अंदर और बाहर से आकर्षक तरीके से सजाना हर किसी का सपना होता है पर कई बार क्षेत्र के कमी या बजट में कमी के कारन कुछ अरमान कभी पुरे नहीं हो पाते। इसीलिए घर खरीदने या बनवाने से पहले जांच लें के ये आपके आने वाले ज़रूरत…

22 January, 2019

All you need to know about the types of glass

Imagine a house without glass.. Can't do? If there is one material that would be hard to replace when you are trying to construct your house, it would have to be glass. Without glass there would be no natural light inside, no views, no mirrors and no…

18 January, 2019

Best practices to keep yourself and your home happy all year

The new year has already started, and there might be so many new resolutions that would have been made, and some would even be broken by now! Most of the times the reason for breaking new year resolutions is that they are a bit difficult to sustain f…

15 January, 2019

10 pooja room door designs for your home

A pooja room is a sacred space for meditation and prayer. While it needs to be clean and beautiful, you can get creative with its design to give it a unique identity that sets it apart from the rest of the home.

13 January, 2019

Home design trends 2019 – the best ideas for Indian homes

With the new year comes new beginnings, and for homeowners who don’t want their houses to be left behind, it’s time to get to know the home design trends 2019 that will give a boost to the stylishness of their homes.

13 January, 2019

12 pictures of homes with marble floors

Simple, clean and polished- marble flooring has long been a favorite flooring option for families worldwide. When we think of opulent and decadent flooring options, marble flooring is one of the primary names that comes to our minds.

12 January, 2019

12 pictures of carpets for you to be inspired

The style of your home is a representation of yourself- your style, taste, fashion and personality is reflected and illuminated by your choice of design elements. The flooring of your home is just as important and if you're looking to add decor to th…

09 January, 2019

8 Feng Shui tips for placing Buddha statues in your home

In Indian homes, Buddha statues are used as décor accessories that add a calm element to interiors. People, who follow Feng Shui while designing their homes, also use them to bring positive energy or chi into a room.

05 January, 2019

8 tricks to keep thieves and burglars out of your home

When it comes to protecting your family and your belongings, you can never be too careful. There are plenty of ways that you can protect your home from an invasion or burglary.

03 January, 2019

10 small living room décor ideas

Your living room is the place you spend the best moments of life with your family, so it is important to take care of the details of this room from the curtains to the furniture, the colours of wall and so on for a beautiful room no matter what its s…

30 December, 2018