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Dining room articles, tips & information

10 modern dining rooms that are perfect for entertaining

In this modern age of integrated social spaces, where the dining room is merged with the living room or sometimes the kitchen, building an ideal place for entertaining while dining is creatively challenging.

03 December, 2019

10 Lighting ideas to add glamour to your dining room

In today’s modern lifestyle, dining rooms are generally used in the evenings when the family gathers to bond over a meal or to entertain guests. So it becomes crucial to rev up the style of the room with proper lighting to create a perfect ambience f…

23 August, 2019

12 ideas of Indian kitchens with open dining plan

Undeniably the kitchen is the hub of any Indian home where family and friends love to hang around. They naturally gather in the kitchen to check on what’s cooking or just to chat.

04 June, 2019

A modern home with seriously bold style!

Nagpur is a major urban area of India renowned for its flourishing industries as well its thriving orange groves. The house we are going to visit today reflects some of its varied colours.

23 April, 2019

7 pictures to separate living room and dining area

Open floor plans are increasingly becoming a norm in modern houses. However, they can be confusing for many, especially when a separate dining and living area is desired. Everyone wishes to have separate partitions to define the functionality of a ce…

11 January, 2019

10 built-in cabinets and storage ideas for dining rooms

Built-in cabinet in dining room has been a part of our home, traditional or modern, since time immemorial. What were niches on the wall or heavy cabinet in our ancestor’s home has now taken the form of stylish built-in storage cabinets.

07 January, 2019

Beautiful marble tables

When we think of marble, we imagine large roman baths, castles, and luscious extravagant palaces. Our minds drift to historical mansions of the elite and upper-class, where no expense was spared, and a resulting marble overload, although…

22 November, 2018

How to design a dining room?

Most people don’t know where to begin refurbishing their dining room, yet it’s one of the most favourite rooms in the home. Great memories are often made in the dining room. Sharing good food and conversation with loved ones is one of life’s many ple…

13 November, 2018

10 modern dining table ideas for Indian homes

The most important furniture in a dining room is obviously the dining table with the chairs surrounding it making space for the family and friends to sit and chatter over food and drinks.

02 November, 2018

8 ways to incorporate a TV in the dining room

One of the perks of eating at home is that you get to do whatever you want while eating, and this includes watching TV. Many modern homes these days incorporate TVs into their dining rooms to make their experience of eating at home more pleasurable.

01 July, 2018