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Commercial articles, tips & information

Exceptional Restaurant Design from an Interior Designer in Lucknow

The basis for creating the perfect design is to attract attention, especially in a commercial space. When it comes to homes, the success of the design is measured by the compliments from friends and loved ones.

20 February, 2020

Smart and Modern Interiors for an Office in Gurugram

Office spaces must look elegant and sophisticated. It does not matter what kind of design theme one follows. What matters is that it must exude a certain vibrancy and positivity.

16 February, 2020

Intelligent Office Design in Gurgaon

Offices and commercial spaces require a different approach from homes. There are several reasons for this, but the most significant one is the need to create a space that is friendly to employees while being attractive to prospective clients.

13 February, 2020

Restaurant Design in Hyderabad Blends Traditional and Modern Elements

Let’s tour a stunning restaurant in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, designed by the talented Interior Designers & Decorators at Saloni Narayankar Interiors. The interiors are a treat to see, with a pleasing colour palette that soothes the eyes.

30 January, 2020

Stylish Interior Design for a Beauty Salon in Hyderabad

Beauty salons need to be designed with care and skill. The emphasis must be on combining functionality with elegant design. It is essential that customers of the salon feel comfortable and relaxed.

12 December, 2019

Sophisticated Office Interiors in Virar, Mumbai

Designing an office involves considering furniture, desk arrangments, lighting and several other things. It may seem an overwhelming process but is extremely satisfying when the vision for the workspace comes to life.

11 December, 2019

Creative Interior Design for a Bakery in Bangalore

One of the most significant aspects of interior design is its ability to attract attention! In the case of a bakery, it plays a vital role in attracting customers and making the experience memorable for them.

18 November, 2019

Sophisticated Design for a Co-working Space in Jaipur

Trendy and smart spaces make work fun and productive, which is why ultra-modern co-working spaces are popular nowadays. It is possible to create stylish and functional office spaces with the help of Interior Architects as the professionals at ‘Design…

05 November, 2019

Open and Spacious Office Design in New Delhi

This modern and trendy office looks exceptional. The office design is stunning, warm and cosy even though it is a commercial space spread over 25,000 sq ft. It took the interior designers and decorators of Tanish Dzignz, New Delhi a year to complete.

30 October, 2019

Energetic and exciting interiors for a Gym in Noida

The interiors of a gymnasium need to be vibrant and filled with energy so that it not only motivates members but also helps to keep the environment pleasant and positive. Everything about this gym is right, and it is the result of well-planned and ex…

21 October, 2019