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Child's bedroom articles, tips & information

9 shades and ideas for your childrens' room

When your children are unique then why their room shouldn’t be too? Pink and blue are too predictable and boring and soon they will outgrow them to pursuit their own colors. In fact in modern sense it could be considered to be ‘sexist’.

01 October, 2018

How do I design my children’s room?

A child’s room needs to be bright and cheerful, but safety is the primary factor that should be considered when designing the space. Besides ensuring that every element in the room is chosen and installed to minimise the risk of accidents and…

15 May, 2018

8 Mistakes to avoid with your home's main entrance

We all think about the different things that we should keep in mind while creating the main entrance. But often we forget about the errors that we usually make and which should be avoided at any cost.

19 April, 2017

8 teenager rooms to thrill your kids with

Children’s rooms are magical places. Enter one and it straight away lifts one’s spirits with its bright colours and playful accessories. Every child’s room has a touch of personalization, whether it’s a favourite colour on the walls or a cuddly toy…

04 August, 2016

Easy Makeovers for Your Children's Rooms

Children's rooms can be a lot of fun to decorate. You can be as colourful, silly, and imaginative as you wish without having to have any excuses other than your children. Of course you have to take into account certain limitations when it comes to en…

03 August, 2016

6 elements for a cosy children's room!

Decorating your children's room is sure to be one of the most fun experiences. You obviously want to give your child the best and cosiest room ever. You can play with colorful wall colors, wall decals, brightly colored furniture and funky accessories…

25 March, 2016

Just the perfect room for a small adventurer

Nobody likes boring decor in a room and definitely not a kid who hopes to become an adventurer! So if you have a little boy and are wondering how you can decorate his room so that he enjoys spending time there, wonder no more.

17 March, 2016

5 Innovative nursery ideas for your home

Lady Bird Johnson, Former First Lady of the United States has very correctly said, “Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them." Giving them a good space and a peaceful environment makes them happy and develops positive attitude.

02 January, 2016

​Safe home designs for children

Taking care of a toddler and ensuring safety is the most crucial aspect for new parents as they just can’t take their eyes off their kid. The toddler tends to move around the entire house with this new found independence and thus should be saved and…

22 December, 2015

Match colour to suit your kid's personality!

Did you know that every color matches a different personality? Colours are composed of light vibrations, hence different colours match different personalities. In this idea guide, we are going to discuss how to match colour with your kid's personalit…

18 December, 2015