How to design the perfect bedroom cupboards

Bedrooms happen to be one of the main areas in the house. It is where hard days of work conclude, and fresh ones begin. Investing to ensure that the dynamics of the bedroom are just right is never a bad idea.

24 October, 2019

Trendy bedroom wardrobe designs by a Chennai interior designer

In modern homes, storage solutions need to be smart and stylish. They can save a lot of floor area and also improve the aesthetics of the interiors. Such solutions are especially important in bedrooms, where one needs to store everything from clothes…

08 October, 2019

10 smart ideas for bedroom wardrobes

The bedroom is a personal space, away from public view, and how you decorate and organise it is your prerogative. There was a time when bedroom wardrobes were considered just cupboards that helped to keep the room organised.

27 September, 2019

Best ideas for modern bedroom interiors

When it comes to decorating ideas of modern bedrooms, often an eclectic mix of furniture, colours and furnishings are used to take advantage of every square meter so they can look chic, comfortable and luxurious.

25 September, 2019

10 innovative and modern ideas for bedroom décor

It’s quite natural to get tired of the bedroom décor; after all it is the place in which we spend most of our time. So give your bedroom a modern makeover and make it refreshingly gorgeous.

13 September, 2019

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bedroom Almirah Designs

One cannot imagine a house without almirahs, and bedroom almirah designs need special attention as they are used the most and need to provide versatile storage for a wide variety of items that one needs to store in them.

06 August, 2019

8 Vastu tips for peaceful bedrooms

Peace and relaxation, aren’t these the two most important feelings we crave in our bedroom? Vastu Shastra has given the design and placement of  bedrooms a high priority because it can affect the relationship between the couple occupying that room an…

13 July, 2019

DIY ideas for bedroom makeovers

At the end of a long day, nothing beats the allure of the bedroom, which offers a haven like none other. From dream clouds to cosy warm snuggles, the bedroom has stories etched deep within its walls.

08 July, 2019

15 cozy and comfortable bedrooms from Indian homes

Originally conceptualized as the room of the house meant for sleeping, over a period of time, bedrooms have evolved as a resting retreat for complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

27 June, 2019

How to maintain home appliances – tips and tricks

Large appliances such as cooking ranges, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines and dishwashers are expensive, which makes repair and maintenance of home appliances an essential part of household chores.