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Bedroom articles, tips & information

Stylish Bedroom Furniture Arrangement Ideas from Designers in New Delhi

Designing and furnishing a bedroom takes care, creativity as well as an eye on functionality. The space needs to be relaxing, aesthetic and yet practical. So, here, we bring you some fantastic ideas for bedroom furnishing from the interior designers…

30 March, 2020

10 unique ideas of POP design for bedroom ceilings

Nowadays, interior designers and decorators lay a lot of emphasis on ceiling design while creating a perfect ambience in the bedroom. The false ceiling or dropped ceiling is a natural choice for modern bedrooms as they present a beautiful combination…

21 March, 2020

Practical and Stylish Bedroom Design Ideas from Interior Designers in Mumbai

When it comes to decorating a bedroom choosing the right elements that are aesthetically pleasing without taking away floor space is the most challenging decision. It helps to determine the style of the room, whether modern, rustic, or minimal.

25 February, 2020

Chic and Stylish Bedroom Designs from an Interior Designer in Mumbai

In this article, we are focusing solely on two gorgeous bedrooms. The colour palette of both the bedrooms is incredibly refined and sophisticated. It appeals to the senses of today’s homeowner.

14 February, 2020

Space-saving furniture ideas for small bedrooms

In modern homes, the bedroom is not just a room for sleeping. It’s also a personal space where one gets ready in the morning. So, it should have a cupboard to store clothes and accessories.

08 January, 2020

10 beautiful bedrooms of 2019

The bedroom is every home's sanctuary and needs to strike a delicate balance between being cosy, warm, peaceful and stylish. Our interior designers feel that since it is a home's private space, the bedroom should reflect its owners' taste and be a pl…

22 December, 2019

Chic Bedroom Design Ideas from Professionals in Bangalore

There is no place in the world as peaceful or relaxing as one’s bedroom! It is where one unwinds after a tiring day at work and dreams to one’s heart’s content. So, designing a bedroom needs a few things to be considered.

18 December, 2019

How to choose wardrobe designs for bedrooms

Bedroom wardrobe designs have evolved over the years, although they serve the same purpose of providing storage for clothes and accessories so one can dress in comfort in the privacy of one’s bedroom.

27 November, 2019

9 Stylish Walk-in Closet Designs for Bedrooms

The concept of a walk-in closet is slowly but surely gaining popularity in modern homes, especially among the younger generation that is always on the go. Apart from being a luxurious addition to the bedroom, the walk-in closet is a practical design…

25 November, 2019

How to design the perfect bedroom cupboards

Bedrooms happen to be one of the main areas in the house. It is where hard days of work conclude, and fresh ones begin. Investing to ensure that the dynamics of the bedroom are just right is never a bad idea.

24 October, 2019