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Bedroom designs by interior designers in Mumbai

The theory of design tells us that the bedroom should have a sitting space, entertainment zone, study area, and even dressing space. However, the reality of bedrooms in modern home is that it is practically not feasible to fit the design theory in on…

25 January, 2019

12 Pictures of bedrooms for a cosy winter

Winters call for the warmth of cushy pillows, fluffed up blankets, and warm rugs to keep the biting cold on the outside. The bedroom serves as a warm cozy haven for you to simply snuggle up in and enjoy the holiday season.

23 January, 2019

15 pictures of TV in bedroom

One of the most important elements of any bedroom or a living room apart from the bed and sofa is the TV unit. This entertainment system is the main attraction for any area it is placed in which is why you need to keep it classy.

21 January, 2019

7 Simple Vastu Shastra colour tips for your bedroom

One of the best ways to stay peaceful in the bedroom is to style it according to vastu shastra. This is the oldest method that is being used by people to bring harmony as well as prosperity in their lives.

29 December, 2018

8 Tips to help you sleep better

If you've been having trouble sleeping, it's time you started looking into sleep hygiene. Basically, sleep hygiene refers to a various practices that can improve your sleep quality and daytime alertness.

29 December, 2018

Types of mattresses for Indian homes

If you've been having trouble sleeping, you may want to consider changing your mattress, especially if your mattress is more than six years old. Worn out mattresses tend to be quite uncomfortable and saggy.

21 December, 2018

9 bedroom decoration trends for 2019 to inspire you

In any home, the master bedroom is a sanctuary, a retreat from the outside world. It makes sense to put the time and effort into making this room inviting and comfortable. Having an inspirational bedroom is one of the easiest ways to make yourself fe…

14 December, 2018

Modern bedroom designs from interior designers in Gurgaon

It’s often a mystery for many us waiting to be solved! How can a room that is all about bed, cupboard, bedding and pillows can be aesthetically done to complement our modern sense of style.

13 December, 2018

13 Closets Designs Perfect for Small Spaces

A closet is an indispensable tool for our homes; it organizes and ensures the smooth running of life. Every morning we try to look our best and for that, we need to have all our clothes and accessories at one place.

12 December, 2018

13 beautiful but affordable bedroom designs to copy

If you're anything like us, your bedroom probably needs a makeover. It's a room that is often overlooked when it comes to interior design. We assume that a lick of paint, a comfy bed and a wardrobe that's big enough to hold all of our crap will suffi…

11 December, 2018