10 Modern Bathrooms for Neourban Spaces

We rarely prioritize our bedrooms and our bathrooms in a similar fashion! We spend ample time in locating the windows, ascertaining the light conditions, fixing the furniture styles, and so on.

05 October, 2021

12 Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Your Bathroom Seem Bigger

A small bathroom can leave homeowners pressed for space causing them to compromise on the functionality of their bathrooms. While the adage 'less is more' couldn't be more appropriate in this setting, there are numerous options at your disposition to…

17 March, 2021

10 Luxurious and Stylish Ideas to Decorate the Big Bathrooms

It’s a luxury in modern homes to have a large spacious bathroom. So if you are the lucky one, then explore the length and breadth of the bathroom to create a luxurious space drench in your classy taste and exclusive décor.

16 January, 2021

Small Bathroom Luxury Makeovers on a Budget

Some accessories and finishes can give small bathrooms a luxurious look even on a budget as long as one knows the right way to use them. Whether a bathroom is small or large, storage is a big challenge, and a combination of open racks and cabinets ar…

19 December, 2020

10 pictures of 5x7 bathroom floor plans

A 5x7 bathroom may not be a luxuriously large bathroom. It is quite possible that it may be the smallest room of the house; but there is no reason why it can’t make a splash or make its mark as yet another beautiful part of your home.

24 November, 2020

9 simple Vastu tips for bathrooms

“Necessity is the mother of all innovation.” There was a time when our ancestors lived in a home where if bathroom and toilets were built, it was build outside the house, not even sharing the wall with the house.

19 November, 2020

Top trends in bathroom tiles for contemporary homes

Spacious and modern bathrooms are now an integral part of contemporary homes. They are no longer neglected dark, dingy rooms at the far end of the house. Floor and wall tiles play an essential role along with other sanitary fittings and accessories i…

01 August, 2020

Innovative Bathroom Mirrors that Add Style to Modern Bathrooms

The mirror is often the focal point of the bathroom, which is why it must be one of the first elements to consider during the design phase of the room. Numerous pairing options are available, ranging from basic standalone mirrors to ones that come wi…

07 March, 2020

10 Modern and Trendy Bathroom Designs for Indian Homes

For modern bathroom designs to be trendy, they should have an exciting blend of simplicity, elegance, and comfort. When bathroom designers plan the bathroom, they cater to the personal needs of the family.

23 January, 2020

What to keep in mind when designing a bathroom

The bathroom is among the most significant rooms of the house. It is used every day by the family members and often even by the visitors. So when designing a bathroom, a lot of thought needs to go into making it a beautiful, comfortable and functiona…

13 November, 2019