Welcoming Vastu in Your Home, The Spirit of Auspicious Luck & Wealth

What is Vastu?Vastu is the ultimate gamut of ancient architectural insights that develop into a unique system to establish the rules of designing homes and residences. The aim of this ancient Indian architecture is to shed light on the hidden potenti…

05 October, 2021

Duplex Houses: 10 Elegant and Mesmerizing Ideas You Can't Miss

The pandemic has given us that rare chance to rethink our lives, our lifestyles, and to ponder things that perhaps have been ignored in our deadline-ridden routines! As days pass and the variants of the coronavirus get only deadlier, we have come to…

13 Breathtaking Luxury Houses You Cannot Miss

Humans have always been patrons of grandeur. They have learnt the mastery of architecture to understand in depth the intricacies of nature in all its wonderful creations. Emulating the natural wonders of the world, humans have also tried out their ha…

10 Windows your House is in Need of

Windows are the ventilators of a building or home allowing fresh air and natural light to enter the space. Windows are the gateways to the outside world, allowing you to bring a glimpse indoors.

03 March, 2021

South Facing House Vastu Plan – Do’s and Don'ts

In India, people have always been apprehensive of purchasing south-facing plots and houses as there are myths about them not being auspicious. Vastu Shastra, which is an ancient science, has always been used in the country as a guideline for construc…

06 December, 2020

7 low budget bungalow models to see before building your own

When it’s time to build your dream home, how do you decide on the style and the materials? This becomes more difficult when you need to build a home within a small budget. The good news is that it is possible to build a unique and stunning home even…

05 December, 2020

15 pictures of exterior gates for your house

A humble gate standing outside braving the heat, cold and rain is an introduction to your home and your personality. Even the strangers passing through it could see it and make an impression about you. Amazing gates instantaneously bring admiration.

24 November, 2020

Choosing the Right Front Elevation Design For Your House

There are two important metrics that architects use to plan the design of your home: the front elevation and the floor plan. A house front elevation is a two-dimensional depiction on paper, which shows your house from the point of view a person stand…

12 November, 2020

22 low budget renovation ideas for terrace

Terraces can be one of the most difficult places to renovate especially if you are on a tight budget. But if you are able to transform your terrace then it might be the ideal place for you to entertain your guests.

02 November, 2020

Exceptional Front Elevation Ideas For Your Home

There are several reasons why people indulge in grand or attractive exteriors. One of the biggest reasons is the effect it has on people who visit. An impressive appearance not only creates awe in the minds of guests but also contributes to the overa…

26 October, 2020