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Architecture articles, tips & information

3D House Elevation Designs from Architects in Hyderabad

The beauty of independent homes is unique. Apartments can never replace the majestic and imposing look of multi-level standalone houses. The right combination of colours along with a generous number of windows, balconies and open spaces give such hom…

27 February, 2020

Exceptional House Designs from Architects in Bangalore

The façade of a house tells us a lot about how the interiors of the residence will be. These beautiful designs have been created by the architects of the Verve Group, Bangalore.

15 February, 2020

Inspiring Modern Design Ideas from an Architect in Chennai

It takes more than an ample budget to build the home of one’s dreams, and the architects from D Domain in Chennai help to make it possible for their clients. Their exterior and interior design ideas are guaranteed to inspire if one is looking to make…

04 December, 2019

What are the best materials for low cost housing in India?

Growing urbanisation has led to migration towards cities and resulted in an increased demand for affordable low-cost housing. Moreover, with sustainability gaining momentum, there is a need to balance both energy consumption and the environmental imp…

23 November, 2019

Luxury Green Residences from Architects in Hyderabad

It takes the right combination of accents and elements to transform the look of a home, whether it’s seen from the inside or the outside. When the idea is to create a luxurious and green residence, it requires a lot of innovativeness to come up with…

22 November, 2019

Exceptional Front Elevation Ideas For Your Home

There are several reasons why people indulge in grand or attractive exteriors. One of the biggest reasons is the effect it has on people who visit. An impressive appearance not only creates awe in the minds of guests but also contributes to the overa…

18 October, 2019

10 modern single-family home designs you will love

Freestanding homes such as villas and small independent houses with a backyard and open space in the front and sides are also known as single-family homes. Apart from independent living, single-family homes provide privacy, as they don’t have shared…

14 October, 2019

Cosy and Elegant Home Design in Bangalore

When one thinks of a dream home, one imagines the comfort and privacy that features customised spaces and cosy corners. This beautiful home has been designed on a 60x40 plot by the architects of Innovature Research and Design Studio in Bangalore.

29 September, 2019

Magnificent Exterior Façade Ideas for Indian Homes

Unique ideas allow builders and architects to create stunning exteriors for homes. Innovative techniques and the simple use of contrasting shades and colours can give rise to unusual yet attractive residences.

18 September, 2019

An Impressive and Striking Exterior Façade for This Home in Chennai

The exterior facade of a home is as critical as its interiors. While the interiors provide comfort and luxury to the residents, the exteriors create a visual treat for outsiders.

13 September, 2019