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Magazine: articles, tips & information

A stylish and comfortable 4bhk apartment in Bangalore

We are at SJR Watermark in Bangalore and all set to explore a very stylish 4bhk apartment rendered by the interior designers and decorators at Ace Interiors. Wood has been lavishly used in most rooms to ensure warmth, while contemporary lighting has…

28 May, 2017

6 ideas to make your home cooler this summer

Summer is the most difficult time to survive in the entire year. One of the main reasons why we find it unbearable is because the interiors of our house are often warmer and more humid than the outdoors.

28 May, 2017

A small and stylish flat in Visakhapatnam

Do you think that a small home cannot be comfortable, stylish or functional enough? Then it’s time to think again! This modern yet compact flat in Visakhapatnam was designed and decorated tastefully on a very modest budget by the interior architects…

28 May, 2017

12 things you should never do when decorating your home

There are things that we do with good intentions that have the opposite effect when decorating. These terrible errors can cost you dearly when doing up the interiors of a home.

13 ideas for adding a balcony to your façade

All houses have internal and external spaces, and each of them fulfils a function. However, there are also some intermediate spaces that allow us to appreciate the outdoors when we are inside and enjoy a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

27 May, 2017

A beautiful and soothing family home in Pune

If you are someone who is trying to make your home simple yet fashionable, then this tour is perfect for you. Done up mostly in grey, white and dark wood, this residence in Pune is ultramodern and very comfy.

27 May, 2017

A stylish and playful residence in Haryana

Come explore a world full of trendy false ceilings, playful wardrobes, smart partitions and more. This home in Haryana was rendered by the visionary interior architects at The Plan Design and Construction, and in such a way that the owners feel…

27 May, 2017

बेडरूम के लिए 8 परफेक्ट अलमारी विचार

बेडरूम के लिए 8 परफेक्ट अलमारी डिज़ाइन्स अलमारी शयन कक्ष के सबसे महत्वपूर्ण तत्वों में से एक है, क्योंकि यह वह जगह है जहां हम अपने सभी कपड़े और अन्य ज़रूरी सामान को सजाकर रखते हैं। जिन लोगों के बड़े घर होते हैं वे कपड़ो और जूतों  को स्टोर करने के लिए एक…

27 May, 2017

रसोईघर में रचनात्मकता को प्रोत्साहित करने हेतु ६ अनोखे उपकरण

जिस तरह एक चित्रकार के लिए उसका शिल्पकक्ष मंदिर मानिंद होता है उसी तरह रसोईघर खाना बनाने वालों के लिए कर्मभूमि होता है जहाँ वे तरह तरह के व्यंजनों की तैयारी करते है ।  हर रसोई कई तरह के उपकरण, बर्तन, किराना, इत्यादि से सजा होता है जो रसोइये की हर…

27 May, 2017

17 amazing ideas to decorate the front of your house

The front of your house needs to be decorated appropriately in order to leave a significant impression on your guest. This is the first thing that people notice about a house and its owners which can be quite a lasting memory.

26 May, 2017