7 Big Space Saving Ideas for your Small Indian Kitchen

Ruqaiyya Hussain Ruqaiyya Hussain
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Just because your home doesn't has a room for a big sized kitchen to host a double bowl large sink, six burner stove or a sub zero fridge, in no ways, it means that you have to sacrifice your style and functioning. While the usual tiny homes tend to be on the top of our list, a tiny kitchen is often undesirable, for most of the homeowners. They go hand in hand pretty much. For those with smaller homes, apartment dwellers and urbanites, the heart of their home, the kitchen, can become the bane of their existence if it is at its premium best. 

However, it takes a little bit of efforts and smart thinking to be put in order to maximize the every inch of space so that it doesn't looks gorgeous only but also supports complete working and functionality. Here are a few space saving hacks for your tiny kitchen that include everything right form chic small appliances to innovative storage options. How they work? Know here with us:

Use Small and Mighty Appliances

White Kitchen homify Classic style kitchen

White Kitchen


Revamped vintage appliances are not hard to find and moreover, easier to get in smaller size without compromising or sacrificing the style factor. Just like the one shown above, try using minimal and small appliances to keep the space clutter free and look bigger. No need to work hard on it. 

Under-mount Small Sink

An undermounted small sized sink, like the shown here in farmhouse style, is all you need to add a high level of sophistication and style to your kitchen. The edges of sink are concealed and thus, giving you more working space. However, you will require frequent utensil cleaning to handle it the small space as a ssubsitute.

Cabinets to the Ceilings

Modular kitchen cabinets homify Classic style kitchen

Modular kitchen cabinets


An interesting way to save space in your kitchen is to use the walls at their best. Apart from using them as storage unit, you can try with cabinets to the ceilings. Why step a foot shorter when all the space is yours? Having ceiling high cabinets creates a visually expanded space. 

PS: Use the highest cupboards to store rare utility items. This interesting designed has been brought to you by Bonito that makes an excellent use of walls, open shelves and the high rise cabinets in one space. 

No Doors

It might sound cheesy, but removing the kitchen door is easier than ever and it greatly helps to make a small room feel and look much larger. Even better if you can open a wide or entire wall removed from front. Open kitchen space is more about style rather than creating an illusion of extra space. It also helps in ease of cooking while two cooks are working together. This kitchen is an inspiration is all you need for the day.

Minimalist Hardware

Might sound to be a big deal but in a narrow galley kitchen, it is easier to knock out the unwanted hardware, bulky knobs, handles, show pieces, cutlery or benches! Make and keep the best pair of things inside and eliminate those that are too gaudy to be here in small space. Keep things look and feel sleek by opting for slender designs. 

Keep the Open Spaces Clear

And the closed door stuffed and organized. The only key to manage and handle small kitchen spaces is to keep your counter top and sinks clear and clean all the time. Keeping unwanted or unneeded things here and there only create a messy look, making it look creepier and smaller than it actually is. Use of right lighting is also an important determiner of how you project your kitchen area to others.

Let the Light Come In

While the open shelves have always been the best friend for smaller kitchen, another remarkable mention in this department is the natural light. We all tend to work in kitchen during day time, mostly and thus, using the natural light helps to save up electricity, power and creates proper ventilation. Moreover, it also illuminates the interiors making them look vast and bright. 

For more ideas and inspiration for small kitchen areas, you can check here. Stay tuned to us to get more tips and designer insight to your home. Let's homify!

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