Before and After: From Ew to Exquisite!

Leigh Leigh
유진이네 집수리(YUJIN'S JIP-SOORI), 무회건축연구소 무회건축연구소 Modern houses
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South Korean architect professionals, Mooi Hoi, had a real challenge on their hands when they came across this old, battered and dilapidated home. About to fall apart and not functional, this home looked like a rundown and decaying structure.

Yet the designers completely rose to the challenge, transforming this old home into an absolutely breathtaking modern home. With close attention to detail and an eye for stunning creations, the following before and after images will leave you inspired to make a few changes to your own home.

Let's take a look!

Before: Run down and overgrown

In this image, we can see how old-fashioned and run down this home was. The front door and the facade look like they come out of the fifties, while the green patio covering is a collision with the seventies. Nothing works in harmony here!

The garden is also completely overgrown, which is a no-no. Your front (and back) garden should be well looked after and manicured as it's the first impression that people will get of your house. What impression do you get of this house from the outside? Shabby and shocking!

Before: A ruin

If we look at this house a little more closely, we can see what a bad state it is in. The walls are falling apart, there is rubbish all over the place and there are old appliances jutting out dangerously. This is not a habitable home.

We can also see, from the wallpaper and the face brick, that this home hasn't had any tender love and care for quite some time.

Before: The roof is caving in

This home was in such a bad state of disrepair that the ceiling was caving in! This is not a safe space for anyone to live.

There are wires hanging from the ceiling and the ceiling beams look like they could fall on your head at any time. 

The rest of this space is also very shoddy and run down. We can't see any potential here!

After: Precise design

Can you believe that this is the same exterior that we saw in the first photograph?

The designers have completely renovated the home, resulting in a very neat, compact and modern home with a gorgeous brick facade, which extends around the entire property.

The garden has been cleaned up, with the overgrown bushes replaced by a beautiful wooden terrace. They've placed a neat bench and chairs on the terrace, which allows the family to enjoy the outdoors all year round!

The flowers and plants have also been very carefully chosen throughout the front garden, enhancing the wooden terrace and the stone facade. The designers have really used the nature available to them to create a very appealing outdoor space.

After: Minimalist joy

If we head inside the home, we can see what a far cry it is from the dilapidated mess we witnessed in the previous images. 

The rooms in this house flow into one another, while still remaining partially separated. The designers have gone for a very minimalist design in the home, keeping only the most functional and necessary items out on display. This keeps the rooms looking very spacious and stylish.

In this space, we can see how the long wooden dining room table and chairs complement the charcoal black tiled floors. There is also an abundance of natural light filtering into this space through the skylights that run across the ceiling. A drop down lamp over the table ensures that there is ambiance and a romantic setting no matter who is over for dinner. Have a look at these tips for making your dining room a delicacy.

On the left, we can see a slightly warmer and more inviting looking space with wooden floors and a wooden cabinet. A pot plant adds a subtle yet sophisticated form of decor.

Tip: Add a vase of flowers or a pot plant to any room in the house to give it a breath of fresh air.

After: Cozy kitchen

If we head into the kitchen, we can see that the designers have utilized the length of the home. 

The kitchen is not very large, but makes the most of the two sides available to it, leaving a spacious wooden path through the middle, which also connects the kitchen to other parts of the home. On the left, we can also see a little window, which opens on the kitchen up onto the living space. This allows for a much more interactive cooking experience or family time as mom and dad can keep an eye on what is going on throughout the rest of the home. The chef can also talk to guests while whipping up a storm.

Storage space is very important when it comes to a kitchen, especially a small one. You don't want any clutter or chaos on the counter tops so it's wise to invest in as much cupboards and drawers as possible. In this design, we can see how vertical space has been maximized!

This leaves a very clean and spacious looking kitchen—like a blank canvas—ready to be cooked in!

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