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A glowing new apartment

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Let's take a peek into a stunning new apartment designed by HS Raumkonzept, and be struck by wonder and delight at the sheer gracefulness of this interior design. Here we will see how certain repeated themes throughout the house cause a ripple effect and an organic flow, creating a breezy easy going feeling. 

The home is like a body with a heart and a stomach and we will see here how this interior design reflects this. So let's explore the curves and details of this beautiful body and try to feel our way through. 

A friendly apartment

The smell of a brand new apartment is in the air. The polished wooden parquet floors, the modern fireplace, and the earthy palette give this space a snug homey feeling that makes the new building feel like a friendly person ready to embrace you and make you feel right at home. 

Hints of mellow yellow on the walls greet us with a cheerful disposition and the ceilings wave at us as it hangs low and curves slightly sending natural ripples throughout the house as you will see later. This ripple or wave effect creates an organic vibe in the apartment and makes everything flow.  

The stomach of the house

Here you can see how the waves in the ceilings drift along the corridor with warm yellow lights guiding the way to the bedroom and bathroom. The kitchen on the right is boxed in with diagonal lights across the ceiling, creating a niche corner for the stomach of the house if you will. Just as our stomachs are in the middle of our bodies, the dining table is in the middle and the kitchen is to the right, and since the both are connected to food, an element central to our existence, it kind of makes sense for the dining area and kitchen to be central in this living space.  

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Mirror mirror on the wall

Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me I am the most beautiful apartment of all. Just as a beautiful woman is vain, this apartment is vain, beautiful, and curvaceous; shining in all its glory. Here you see the ripple effect from the waves in the ceiling following through and the wavy curtains lighted up from beneath hypnotising us with its beauty. 

The view from the kitchen

From the kitchen, you get to see your guests enjoying their food near the cozy fireplace and gaze out through the long horizontal windows that look out into the world. You can see from this viewpoint that for a one bedroom apartment, it is pretty spacious, but just in the right amount so that even if nobody else is around, it doesn't feel like a cold, empty building. 

The heart of the home

This bedroom is the heart of the home with it's red accent wall providing warmth and the soft lighting evoking a gentle tenderness that makes your knees melt and seduces you into the comfort of its embrace. The small rectangular windows with their short curtains give this room a casual setting and the cream coloured walls are reassuring and non-judgmental. Here you can be yourself finally, at the heart of the home. 

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How did you like the peek into this stunning new apartment? Let us know in your comments below. 
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