8 Amazing Kitchens for Small Indian Apartments

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Indian kitchens are full or spicy food and delicious aroma, quick recipes and healthy fried snacks. To place such hearty and healthy food items, one needs to get some organized and systematic structure and decoration, that not only brings convenience of placing items but also accommodates all your kitchen items in less spaces. Designing kitchens in a compact yet easy to work manner requires a detailed consideration of several factors, adding elements like cabinets, pullout trays, proper storage and much more!

Small kitchens in India are not only becoming common these days but are also preferred over vast kitchen space as they entail less space and maintenance. With a growing number of nuclear and small families country wide,  a small sized apartment has become the most practical and handy choice for families. This, in return, shrinks the cooking area. After all, we all want more living space. Setting the right interior decor and designs for a compact Indian kitchen can make it look appealing and deft to work in. Here, we bring you, a list of 8 small yet modern chic Indian kitchens that can change the way you have always considered them.

Keep It Simple

One of the crucial aspects for designing small sized Indian kitchens is using right shades and hues. This masterpiece design shows you how simple colors can power up the space without much demands. Simple blocked white tiles, pastel cabinets to store the utensils and spices and black counter top makes it look bigger, brighter yet demands little cleaning. Decorate the space with decals on wall or a hanging light.

Majestic Maroon

Neeras Kitchen homify Kitchen

Neeras Kitchen


While it is a well known fact that white and light pastel colors make a compact space look bigger, the designers for this kitchen just made things beyond perfect by pairing it with Maroon. The color of the shelves is not only apt and attractive but also requires less cleaning and maintenance. Brown wooden drawers are a passe now. Move on and get this beautiful creation for your upcoming home.

Wooden Finish

Keeping the wall coverings to simple pastel and white tones, the wooden shelves and stone flooring create a dramatic and attractive look to the kitchen. The stone walled entrance, a small dining space for two and a complete storage facility completes the look. Open style racks for glass utensils is another highlight.

The use of right lighting and natural light through window is best depicted through this professionally designed compact kitchen area.

The Right Colors

A small area can leave you stressed and thinking that much cannot be done to the compact kitchen space. Don's lose heart as this bright color powered kitchen idea shows how brilliantly funcky colors can distract the mind and eyes from limited space availability. Adding right colors can create a dramatic effect and make your kitchen look yummier than the food itself!

Crystal Clear

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Ornate Projects

Deshmukh Residence

Ornate Projects

If you have long vertically long space that is not wide enough then this is what will suit you best. Two counter tops on both sides to help you cook and place items perfectly and letting the natural light come in through a large sized window on front. The window will also help to eliminate odors and hot air after cooking. Nothing tricky, just get plenty of sunlight inside the kitchen.

Color Play

Kitchen homify Modern kitchen Plywood Purple/Violet L shape kitchen,modular kitchen,kitchen design



Redefining the rules of kitchen designing basics for small area, this kitchen design depicts how important it is to be organized in order to make best use of every inch of area. With an adequate space to move, proper storage cabinets, an aptly placed refrigerator and sink, the kitchen gets it share of chimney and cooking counter top as well. The designer sanitary seems to add life here.

Small yet Chic

Apartment Remodel, Aegam Aegam Modern kitchen

Apartment Remodel


Another popular choice for vertical and less wider space kitchens. A counter top with cooking stove on one side and a big storage cabinet on the other side make a complementary pick. Keep everything inside and your kitchen clutter free. The sink right on the front makes the space look cleaner and well kept. Further, another highlight of this small kitchen is that it will require less time to clean and arrange utensil.

Bordered Beauty

Sophisticated drawers system, a pinch of colors with a tricolor border band all over and silver themed interiors- this kitchen clearly shows how unconventional matching of colors and combination work, if done mindfully! The walls have been covered with textured tiles to add a dimension. 

Stay tunes to us to get more kitchen ideas and kitchen room designing tips to keep your home look classy and beautiful.

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