Crisp Design and Bold Touches for a Modern Villa

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Zapopan has invited us today with its awe inspiring homes and exquisite urban landscape. Situated in Mexico, this city attracts hordes of tourists round the year, thanks to its comfortable climate and multiple attractions. So join us today on a tour of the Residencia Diana, a contemporary and extremely modish villa created by Excelencia En Diseno, a group of imaginative architects in this area. The home dazzles with a crisp and geometrically inspired exterior and surprises with bold pops of colour inside. Simple but quirky designs, gleaming surfaces, and interesting medleys of textures and materials are the aspects of this abode that you should watch out for. So let’s begin to explore more now.

The Facade Up Close

As we mentioned before, the villa’s façade is liberally punctuated with numerous glass squares and rectangles, which lend it a unique appearance. This arms the property with plenty of elegance as well as geometrical detailing. The play of layers is also something that makes it all look lofty and gives the house a sense of expansiveness. The rows of windows on top with the Mediterranean style eaves and rooftops offer a retreat-like vibe which welcomes the onlooker to find out more. The wide wooden entrance door with sleek glass panels is another interesting feature of the residence.

A Nest amidst Hills

The first look of the villa left us intrigued, owing to its stunning natural background and its pristine whiteness which creates a gorgeous contrast against the verdant green hills. The massive scale of the house is apparent from here, and you can also see how its exterior walls are peppered with glass windows of different sizes. The quaint red roofs infuse the property with a quintessential countryside feel too.

Wood, Glass and White in the Foyer

Once you are inside the home, sleek good looks take over and impress with sophisticated simplicity. The wooden stairs are the only dark-hued element in this pristine white space which looks spacious and airy. Neat white tiles create the perfect setting for the elegant surroundings along with the white walls and the gleaming glass balustrade. The space has been left uncluttered with only a few choice pieces on the display table at the far end, and a couple of artworks.

The Living Room Makes a Bold Statement

The living room of this property is the space where the real drama begins to unfold. Bold red has been creatively paired with creamy white and rich dark wooden hues for a unique visual impact. Plush sofas with quirky and peppy cushions, red topped coffee tables, and a stunning red, black and white cosy chair define the remarkable style quotient of this space. Arty display shelves and potted greens simply add to the enchanting atmosphere of the living area.

Monochrome in the Dining Space

The transition space between the kitchen and the living room is the dining room. In this area, the designers have decided to go with a predominantly monochrome scheme, so as to balance the red patches that decorate the areas on either side. A mirror and slim sideboard lie on the left of the high-backed black and white dining chairs, while the delicious red apples on the table add a hint of colour to the space. The glass sliding doors ensure that the space receives ample sunlight, and you get to enjoy the view outside.

The Flaming Red Kitchen

Glossy counters, gleaming cabinets in fiery red, and virgin white walls come together to perform a delicate balancing act in this unique and bright kitchen. Storage and style have both been taken care of, with panache.

This sprawling Mexican villa hides bold and lively secrets, which you know of now. Its colour palette, simple and sensible designs, comfy furnishing and love for arty accents unite to produce a magical effect on any guest who enters this abode. If you want more ideas though, check out another tour - A Luxurious Family Home Full of Surprise! 

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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