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A modern apartment in Mumbai

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This ideabook offers a glimpse into the Puria residence, a modern apartment in Mumbai. It's interesting to see how people have chosen to design their homes, and we can try to play guessing games and see how the interior design of the home may affect the relationships between the inhabitants. The way a home is designed affects the relationships of the people that live in it. For example, a single story apartment like this one enables more interaction between the inhabitants compared to a double story house.

Let's take a tour of this simple, yet elegant apartment in Mumbai and see if we can steal any ideas. We hope you will find some living inspiration from this apartment designed by The Ashleys.

The hall

The hall is a spacious area that combines the living room or lounging area with the dining area. Although there is no real separation between the living room and the dining area, a certain distinction of spaces is created by a sort of entryway into the dining area. 

The three sofas are arranged in semi-circle around a coffee table, creating a cozy niche with seating placed close to each other at a casual distance rather than far apart. A flexible colour scheme is created with the green sofas and cushions which can be rotated or changed seasonally unlike the colour of the walls. The walls are painted white to create the illusion of a bigger space and the ceiling creates an interesting effect of various depths also making the space seem larger than it is. 

The entrance of the apartment

We love how the entrance of the apartment is somewhat discreet and camouflaged with the lift and the entryway. The wooden walls create a warm welcoming vibe yet requires a double take to actually find the door, keeping the apartment intriguing and mysterious in a sense. It keeps your curiosity about what's inside in suspense doesn't it.

Let's take a peek inside and satisfy our curiosity shall we?

Dining area

Here, we get a closer look of the dining area. The dining area uses the same colour scheme of furniture as the living room—dark wood and green fabric. This creates a continuation in the hall area and makes it seem like one complete whole. 

The tall backrests of the dining chairs exude an elegant ambiance which is accentuated by the simplicity of the décor. The clear straight lines we see in the furniture are repeated on the painting on the wall, making the space calm and serene. 


Once again, green is used to add colour here through the bedspread and cushions. Green is an excellent colour for the bedroom or any other living space as it has calming and refreshing qualities. A small bedside table with minimal decorations dresses up this bedroom a bit, while a floating desk and wooden chair on the other side improves the functionality of the bedroom.

Browse through some bedroom designs here on homify for more inspiration. 


The bathroom is dominated by earthy hues, making it cozy and warm. Elements of wood are also used here as they are used throughout the house. Simple decorations like a vase and some flowers add a lovely touch to this bathroom. The different shades and sizes of the tiles and stones used in the sink area create an interesting effect. 

Let's see what the rest of this beautiful bathroom looks like. 

Shower room and bathtub

The shower room and bathtub area also uses different shades and sizes of tiles. We find this design of the shower room and bathtub combines very unique. This design makes for a spacious shower room as well as bathtub without actually having a bathtub. 

This design also creates different levels in the bathroom which makes it look interesting and also bigger. A small window in the corner lets natural light in without intruding with privacy, while warm yellow lighting give the bathroom a warm glow. 


This sleek kitchen follows the dark wooden theme throughout the house while contrasting it with white floors and walls. We love how this kitchen lets plenty of natural light in, reducing the need to use artificial light in the daytime. 

Last but not least, adequate storage in the kitchen is one of the most important things about kitchen design, and this kitchen has done it. 

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We hope you enjoyed the tour of this modern apartment in Mumbai. Let us know what you think in your comments below. 
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