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There's only one thing better than treating yourself to a hot tub and enjoying a starlit spa and that's ensuring you can indulge, whatever the weather! We can't all be fortunate enough to live in countries that promise year-round clear skies and rain-free nights so, before purchasing your whirlpool, think ahead!

Take a look at these hot tub gazebo ideas and see if you could transform your garden whilst treating yourself to some much needed relaxation!

Modern solution

If your property has a decidedly modern feel or has been kept intentionally simple on the exterior, the idea of ruining your outdoor space with a large or unsympathetic hot tub gazebo will no doubt not enter your mind. Instead, we suggest you consider a fabulous self-contained cube design, such as this one. Though simple in design, the cube allows for year-round dips and brings a quiet elegance to the space and by including large sliding doors, bathers can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without any of the inconveniences and privacy is guaranteed.

Perfect pagoda

Gazebo's and Pavilions Cedar Hot Tubs UK Mediterranean style spa
Cedar Hot Tubs UK

Gazebo's and Pavilions

Cedar Hot Tubs UK

When a traditional wooden hot tub, such as this one from Cedar Hot Tubs UK, is dictating your garden design, it is fair to assume that a wooden shelter will be a go to and organic idea, with this example showing us exactly why. Built for purpose and longevity, the wooden hot tub gazebo exudes wonderfully warm tones, which help to create a familiar and welcoming ambiance that encourages even the shyest of bathers to jump on in. For an extra personal touch, we could imagine a small bar being installed in the far corner, so you would always have quick access to a glass of something bubbly and luxurious.

Classically simple

​Highgrove Cabin 40 mm timber 576cm x300 cm. constructed on decking homify Modern study/office

​Highgrove Cabin 40 mm timber 576cm x300 cm. constructed on decking


If understated is more your style, perhaps a fully enclosed hot tub gazebo would be a more suitable choice for you. What's wonderful about this example is that it could easily be a stylish summer house, rather than a hot tub room, so your indulgence can remain a secret! For warm nights, the outdoor chairs offer a relaxed location for drying off and chatting and thanks to the use of cream and natural tiles, the gazebo as a whole remains elegant and high end enough to blend seamlessly with houses from any period and of any style.

Unapologetically grand

We look at this hot tub gazebo and we think, why not!. It might not be to everyone's taste, within all budgets or ideal for many garden sizes, but if you have the resources, why not go all out with your luxury purchase? The small pools at the front offer the perfect location for a cold, reinvigorating dip before rushing back to the hot bubbles of a hot tub, all safely housed inside a weather tight and very impressive pool house. For an extra touch of luxury, imagine installing a large skylight that can be operated with a remote! Starlit bubbles for everyone!

Room with a view

It almost feels rude to refer to this space as a hot tub gazebo, but in essence, that's exactly what it is. Built for the sole purpose of housing a hot tub, this glass-walled extension offers not only wonderful views, but also the opportunity to feel as though you truly are bathing in the open air. We can imagine that with the roof windows opened, the daytime experience is simply out of this world and that at night, with a few candles lit, there are few places you'd rather be. Opulent and as open-air as you can be without negating valuable cover. 

Luscious lighting

The Hot Tub of Your Dreams Decor Tiles & Floors Classic style spa
Decor Tiles & Floors

The Hot Tub of Your Dreams

Decor Tiles & Floors

What an impressively luxurious space this is! Forget for one moment that you are looking at an enormous hot tub, the entire room itself has been clad in high end materials and given a luxe finish. This is one hot tub gazebo that really pushes the boundaries of what is possible and thanks to the extensive glazing, we just know that day or night, bathing here must be fabulous. The skylight, in particular, adds a sense of drama and promises bathers a stunning view on a clear night.

Pristine pool house

It stands to reason that if you have decided to treat yourself to a hot tub, you will not only have bags of room to install it, but also a relatively good idea of how to house it. For those of you with a creative edge, this can be a wonderful opportunity to design and build something of your own imagining and we can think of few designs more cutting edge than this modern monochrome hot tub gazebo. Simple in style, the extensive glazing, cube shape and pared back colour scheme is all demonstrative of a keen design eye and we can imagine that the main house is just as impressive.

Small and chic

Buying a hot tub doesn't necessarily mean that you are keen to fritter large sums on unnecessary items and if that is the case then a small but perfectly functional hot tub gazebo could be a great investment. This small wooden building, almost reminiscent of traditional log cabins, is the perfect location for tucking a hot tub out of sight, while still keeping it close to the pool and outdoor seating area. Demure and perfectly camouflaged, it makes for an ideal installation in any garden, regardless of size. 

Think big!

If a hot tub gazebo just isn't quite fulfilling your desire for luxury, why not consider an entire annex dedicated to relaxation? A building such as this one, perhaps placed at the bottom of a garden, could house not only a hot tub but also a sauna and any other luxuries that you are keen to include in your very own home spa. It might seem a little on the grand side to build what is almost a full house, but if your resources can accommodate it and it would suit the rest of your property, why not?

Blue lagoon

We love the tropical feeling that this space evokes and we can almost smell the pina coladas from here! Often placed near pools, when space allows, hot tubs are a natural addition to any high end garden and we really like the idea of housing one next to a bar. A full on entertainment area all under one roof, a space such as this is perfect for entertaining or just quiet relaxing, with bathers safe in the knowledge that everything they need is only a slight stretch away. 

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