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A Beautiful Family Home in Pondicherry

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homify Colonial style living room
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Join us on a tour today to discover a soulful Indian home in Pondicherry, India. The stylish modern home fuses an exotic blend of ethnic chic with current trends to create a fashionable Indian home that will delight the senses. This tour features unique 360 VR shots which give us a wider perspective and a more interesting experience of the space being captured. The beautiful home photographed by Karpita Virtual Reality Studio based in Chennai has now been converted into an exquisite boutique hotel. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration for your home through this tour. Please don't forget to leave us some feedback in the end. Now, let's have a look at this lovely home shall we? 

A cosy bedroom

Bed Room homify Colonial style bedroom

Bed Room


We start the tour with the bedroom as it is the most personal and intimate space in a house. This way we can really get an accurate impression of what the house truly is. The spacious bedroom is super cosy with its wooden furnishings and rustic wooden beams on the ceiling. A quaint little floating wooden staircase leads up to a sleeping platform, optimizing space and creating an excellent solution for guests. Neutral, earthy colours give the bedroom a calming, relaxed feel so that it can serve its purpose properly, while cosy rugs on the floor soften the hard floors. Next, let's check out the living room. 

A hearty living room

LIVING ROOM homify Colonial style living room



The highlight of this hearty, welcoming living room is definitely the traditional Indian antique refurbished door and fine furniture set up, along with rafters on the ceiling, and an interesting passage to the stairway. Red carpets add a splash of boldness to the neutral colour scheme, while sheer white curtains add a delicate touch of graceful elegance to the cosy ambiance. Finally, soft yellow luminaries give the living room the perfect glow, enveloping it in a warm embrace. 

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The poolside lounge

POOL SIDE SEATING homify Colonial style pool



Pictured here, we see an elegant poolside lounge where one can comfortably enjoy the view of the pool and the outdoors from the comforts of an interior space. Although the space is minimally decorated and dominated by neutral colours, there is a certain oomph oozing out of every inch of space that gives this room a vibrant, energetic feel. An abundance of spotlights on the ceiling also definitely helps make this space bright and cheery. Next, let's look at this poolside lounge from a different angle for a different perspective. 

A bird's eye view

POOL AREA SEATING homify Colonial style pool



Here's a bird's eye view of the poolside lounge area. This image emphasizes the high ceiling and gives us a different perspective of the room. Pictured here, we can see the layout of the furniture, the space between them, and how everything looks put together. Overall, it's a great space that connects the indoors with the outdoors in a comfortable and luxurious way. Next, let's have a look at the outdoor pool area and see how this indoor space and the outdoor space connect to form a cohesive unit. 

The fabulous pool area

POOL AREA homify Colonial style pool



The fabulous pool area has definitely captured our interest with its unusually shaped pool being extra long rather than wide. The pool almost resembles a canal or a passageway, making it look alluring and mysterious, while a grassy walkway dotted with plants creates a lively landscape around the pool area. Last but not least, comfortable seating and chic furniture make this outdoor space perfect for relaxing. 

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