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8 Pictures of Pooja Rooms for a good start of your Week

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
House Of Colours Ansari Architects Modern dining room
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Indians value tradition and spirituality. That’s why most Indian homes, whether modern or traditional, have a Pooja room. It could be a small corner in an apartment or a separate room in a villa or mansion. Ideally, incorporating a Pooja room at the planning stage makes it seamlessly blend into a home. However, with innovative ideas, it could turn a neglected alcove or a wall cabinet into a place for worship.

Take a look at these 8 stunning Pooja rooms to get ideas about how you can create a dazzling one in your home.

Entranceway Elegance

If you have a large entry hall, why not use a corner of it for creating a peaceful Pooja room surrounded by greenery, like in this home. The images on the wall are hidden away from view once the doors to the cabinet are closed. The raised parapet around the area separates it from the main living room, creating a cosy nook with greenery and traditional décor.

Special Corner

Pooja room homify Houses

Pooja room


Use wasted space in the dining area to create a stunning Pooja area. The use of a raised wooden platform, matching shelves against the wall as well as a wooden ceiling with lighting elegantly transforms a dull corner in this apartment.

Refurbished Alcove

If you have an unused alcove, consider converting it into a Pooja room. Add elements such as backlit panels on the wall and ceiling to create a soothing aura. In this professionally designed room, the raised granite step serves as the perfect shelf for displaying images and idols.

Exclusive Room

the internal walls of the pooja room Hasta architects Modern walls & floors
Hasta architects

the internal walls of the pooja room

Hasta architects

In a house, a small corner or store room can be modified to make it a beautiful Pooja area. Lovely brass embellished wooden doors open into the small area, which has a wooden panel behind the main idol. Side shelves with recessed lighting act as display units for storing the collection of Ganesha statues.

Wall Display

Pooja room wall with Carved Marble cladding Hasta architects Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
Hasta architects

Pooja room wall with Carved Marble cladding

Hasta architects

If you have a wall to spare in the living or dining room, add paint textures to the wall or some beautiful wall paper as a background for the display of your Pooja unit. A custom-built wooden unit with hanging lights adds a nice touch to this Pooja area.

In a Corner

The clever design in this home makes maximum use of a corner by placing large idols on a curved platform. A matching semi-circular shelf on the top is great for displaying images, bells and other Pooja accessories.

Partition Cabinet

Display Unit along with Puja nook Navmiti Designs Modern dining room
Navmiti Designs

Display Unit along with Puja nook

Navmiti Designs

In this home, a Pooja unit is cleverly built into a wall cabinet that visually separates the dining room from the living area. The wooden scalloped frame and pillars that are a part of traditionally designed Pooja units add a touch of old-world charm to the area.

​Behind Closed Doors

Puja homify Modern living room

A recess for a built-in cabinet is innovatively used to create a stunning Pooja unit with interesting flowers and creepers carved into the side doors, while the central doors have bell-shaped cut-outs with metal bells dangling within. Backlighting in the cupboard adds to the beauty of the area, as does the carved ceiling panel lighting.

Have you seen any other interesting Pooja rooms in Indian homes? See this ideabook for some stunning designs.

Which of these Pooja room designs would be perfect for your home? Respond in the comments below.

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