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A Modern Mumbai Home with a Royal Touch

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Luxurious Residence at Walkeshwar Ornate Projects Modern style bedroom Silver/Gold Metallic/Silver
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Welcome to Mumbai, the city of Bollywood stars, dreamers and doers! A heady mix of history, art, culture, fashion, gourmet delights and a thriving nightlife makes Mumbai the city where stylish living is the norm. And the luxurious residence at Walkeshwar that we are about to explore today, represents this norm in a simple but elegant manner. It doesn’t go over the top with an excess of design and decor elements, but is ready to regale our senses with its regal touch. The best quality materials have been used to bring the aesthetics and functionality of this abode together, and it redefines the meaning of lavish simplicity too. All credit goes to the interior designers and decorators at Ornate Consultants.

Fit for the king

This royal bedroom with its softly glowing lights is an enchanting affair for sure. A lavish bed decked in delicately patterned bedspread sits against a stunning wall accent which serves as headboard. The metallic glamour of silver and gold has joined hands for this unique headboard, while a classy floor to ceiling bank of closets looks upon the scene. Rich and dark laminate with a beautiful glossy finish has been used for the closets, and the golden patterns are customised.

Smart master bathroom

Master bathroom Ornate Projects Modern bathroom
Ornate Projects

Master bathroom

Ornate Projects

Sophisticated beige marble lines the walls of the master bathroom, which has been fitted with neat and contemporary sanitary wares for a minimal but stylish look. The dark marble unit under the sink comes with a spacious cavity for storing robes, towels, bath essentials and more. The large mirror augments the spaciousness of the room.

Classy touches

Luxurious Residence at Walkeshwar Ornate Projects Modern bathroom
Ornate Projects

Luxurious Residence at Walkeshwar

Ornate Projects

The corner reserved for showering pleasures is a glossy rendition in marble again. A long strip of dark marble acts as a shower panel of sorts, and is fitted with minimalistic fixtures for a neat and hassle-free appearance. Powerful recessed lights brighten up the space effectively.

Delicate and shimmering

Another bedroom greets us with a delicate and slightly shimmering look, as we explore its white corners. The silver-hued drapes flaunt a gentle sheen, which lends an air of luxury without effort. The light floral patterns on the pillows and duvet enhance the charm and serenity of this space, while a lone and quaint figurine stands in the corner.

Storage high

The bank of closets in this bedroom is a dark and gleaming affair with sleek gold detailing. They are topped by a white bank of cabinets, and together, they cater to all possible storage needs. The extremely slim handles on the closet doors look very contemporary and chic.

Beautiful marble for the bathroom

Luxurious Residence at Walkeshwar Ornate Projects Modern bathroom
Ornate Projects

Luxurious Residence at Walkeshwar

Ornate Projects

Richly veined and premium quality marble has been used for the bathroom which the bedroom we just saw, enjoys. A large mirror lends the illusion of space and defies the physical compactness of this room. The black sink countertop is fair-sized and offers ample space for arranging toiletries. It also comes with sleek cabinets and drawers underneath, which can be used for storing excess bathing accessories, dirty laundry and cleaning supplies.

Charmed by the elegant and regal simplicity of this modern residence? We are too! And we especially love the panache with which a simple master bedroom has been taken to the heights of golden and silver glory! Take another tour for more information - A suburban Family villa with a designer look.

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