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6 fantastic garden ideas

Ronda Cochroche Ronda Cochroche
Neue Gärten, Neues Gartendesign by Wentzel Neues Gartendesign by Wentzel Mediterranean style garden
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A garden is a place where most come to to regroup after a busy day or to escape the ever-bustling life outside of the garden's walls. It is not simply a space of grass and various greenery, it requires attention and care so that coming to it becomes a reward or a time of respite. The garden is there for some downtime but also for growing and harvesting the fruit of one's labor. A few garden decoration ideas are presented here.

Mosaic wonder

Mosaics have been around for a very long time and their beauty never ceases to amaze. Including a mosaic in a garden will bring luminosity and colorful tints. This could not be more accurate than in this picture. The mosaic has captured the essence and warmth of the sun: it illuminates the path of this garden. This represents a delightful way to spruce up a garden since is has blue, grey, yellow and white tones that can be readily coordinated with other garden items.

Flight of the garden stones

Dallage "LandArt Escher" en Acier , Temo Temo Modern garden Iron/Steel

This picture shows that garden stones don't have to necessarily be round or square to mark a path. Here, a different design has been chosen by Marco Miniussi. The interesting shape of the stones resembles that of birds or tulips. This brings an agreeable tone to the garden as well as execute its function which is to draw a path through the grass. The original shape of the stones make it possible to trace a path that is irregular and that sets itself apart from any ordinary pathways.

Spiky cacti

This is an intriguing take on cacti plants and their pots. A lot of people have been stung by a cactus at some point and regretted having gotten close to the plant in the first place. This time, the idea implemented has been to warn and dissuade anyone who would be curious, would have forgotten or didn't know how a cactus' sting hurts. Nails have been pushed through the pot outwards to create a spiky cactus pot. Funnily enough, the pot mirrors the type of plant it contains: a cactus in a cactus pot, how clever!

A wall of plants

Plants have been known to reduce some noise levels, purify the air and to be splendid decorating objects. This picture offers an option that encloses all three aspects previously mentioned. This wall has been ornamented with two types of plants of different colors to rejuvenate it. The plant types have been set up by color and set up consecutively to produce a layered and colorful effect. This wall is lively and pleasant for all to see since a little touch of color can do great improvements to a garden.

Boxed herbs

This inspiring idea is inventive, useful and ingenously decorative. Wooden boxes that contain various plants and herbs have been reused and given a second life by being mounted to a wall. The green of the plants is accentuated by the black wall they hang on as well as pep up the ordinary dark wall. This inspiration is also convenient because it profits the cook of the house that can easily access them and differentiate them since their names have been written above.

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